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found a cool game....
« on: May 24, 2004, 11:54:18 am »

isnt a shooter.i dont know how games kind of this are really called.
its a strategy-game where you are a gang-leader and can join mafias
to become the most wanted player or the best mafia.
as i played it first i found it boring but when you get firm with the game its
pretty cool.


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found a cool game....
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2004, 01:04:24 pm »
its it text only?


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found a cool game....
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2004, 06:50:40 pm »
yes, text only.but its more exitingly than it looks.its easy to learn if you r in the right mafia.
its good when you r good in maths.first you ve to make money,
best way is by tradin drugs then you ve to build up your defense/offense and monetary.
you can buy/trade evry hour but you dont have to.


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found a cool game....
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2004, 11:59:52 am »
Join maffia: TKC-Community
pw = tkc
There's never time to do things right, but there's always time to do it over.


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found a cool game....
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2004, 03:49:38 pm »
nice!the tkc-mafia :D

i ve my account in Iron Fist, the round will end in a few days.i ll come over then.


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found a cool game....
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2004, 03:56:34 pm »
Raven, heres a "little" guide.


Your 'influence' is your score in the game. Each asset you own adds a
certain amount to your influence.
Henchmen add to your Attack, Defence, Spy Attack, and Spy Defence - and
Each henchmen can use one of your weapons (when you get attacked, they
automatically use the best one that's available at your base).

Influence chart:

---------Inf----Att------Def------Spy-----Spy Def




Assets take 24 hours to arrive at your base after you buy them. While
they are travelling, they count towards your influence score - but
aren't available for use.

When you buy BH, a RH gets sent out to fetch him - so you lose a RH
from your defence for 24 hours.
When you buy any other henchmen you lose (permanently) a BH for each
one. Your BH get converted into a new FH/SH/VH/RH/DH. So again you lose
a BH from your defence - and 24 hours later he gets replaced.

This means you have to be careful when buying assets - you may push
your influence very high - or reduce your defence too much and leave
yourself open to attack. Sometimes it pays to wait a few hours for
other assets to arrive back at base before buying new stuff.

** DON'T try and get a high influence **

You need to keep your defence high or people will loot you. Your
defence should be at least equal to your influence score - and as you
get higher in the ranks and later in the round, you'll need much more
to be safe. So, keeping your influence as low as possible is a GOOD
IDEA. Influence only matters at the end of the round, so don't worry
about it - grow a solid account and your influence will soar without


The things that limit your growth are BH, RH and money - whoever has
the most of these will win the round - it's that simple. You should
always try and make these grow as fast as possible, if you want to
finish high up in the rankings.

BH - always buy as many of these as you can, before any other asset
type (unless you are REALLY OPEN and need to keep the RH back home for
RH - after 100k influence these go up in price, you need to buy as many
as possible early in the round (while keeping a decent defence).
SH - you need these for spying and spy defence. They are cheap and low
in influence, and if people can't SR you they can't hit you.
FH - purely for attacking, so don't buy too many
DH - the main defence asset, keep these guys rolling in to keep your
base secure.
VH - useless early on. They are VERY high in influence and are only
worth buying near the end of the round to make your influence jump
while keeping a reasonable defence.
TH - Give you 5 tactical points per hour when you send them away to research. All other henchmen give you 1 per hour. Not a bad defence rating, so useful as an emergency defence boost.

Knives - cheap, but not too useful.
Handguns - a great, cheap, low influence defensive weapon. A DH with a
Handgun = 13 influence and 50 defence - that's nearly 400%
defence/influence, and it only costs $240.
Shotgun - a great, cheap low influence attacking weapon. A FH with a
shotgun = 17 influence and 78 offence - that's over 400%
offence/influence, and it only costs $370.
Sniper Rifle - decent attack and defence, nice for later in the round
to increase firepower.
Grenade Launcher/Missile Launcher - the best def/off weapons, BUT they
cost a fortune and have massive influence, my advice is DON'T buy them
until you hit 100k RH, they'll only slow you down.

Cars: buy whatever you can afford, but don't use up all your cash. You
only need (SH + FH) / 5 cars in total (maybe a few extra cheap ones for
if you launch a really big attack) - don't buy too many. The ones you
start with will last a long time - you get given too many at the start.
If I'm buying cars I try for Good/Awesome - the hour or two difference
in getting your assets back can be critical.

Monetary: Only buy corporations - never buy any other monetary asset.
With 36 hours to go from the end of the round, switch to hookers - they
give the MOST influence/cash out of all the assets in the game. If you
buy ANY other monetary asset, you are cutting your maximum income by
2/3, so don't do it - you need the cash.

Always buy as many cheap drugs as you can afford - keep the cash
flowing in.
I buy anything at 80% or lower of it's base price and sell as soon as
it gets above the base:

Ecstacy - buy under 40, sell over 50
Weed - buy under 85, sell over 117
Speed - buy under 400, sell over 500
Opium - buy under 800, sell over 1000
Heroin - buy under 6500, sell over 8000
Cocaine - buy under 18000, sell over 22500

At the start of the round you need to keep as much cash in the drugs
market as possible to get off to a good start. I try not to buy
any/many assets until I've built up as much cash as possible, first.


If the drugs market is good, spend all the 50k on drugs - if not, spend
as much as you can. Sometimes, if it's bad this hour, I leave some cash
behind - in case the next hour has cheap drugs, so I don't miss out.

Buy your BH if you can.

Gamble your cash on the drugs market until you can afford to buy the
henchmen that you want AND leave some cash left over to keep investing
in drugs. Cash is your main need at the start.

Buy RH and DH.

Time it so that your defensive assets arrive as the same time as your
newbie protection expires (or as close to it as you can) - 48 hours
after you signed up.

Buy one weapon per FH/DH/SH/VH - when you can afford it. My advice is
handguns for defense and shotguns for FH.

Don't buy any cars or monetary assets (until you can afford
corporations and still leave a chunk of drug money behind).

Put any henchmen that you don't need (especially while you are still in newbie protection) into researching tactical points. You can get them back in one hour when you need them again - don't mis-time it and leave yourself with no-one at home though.


Try and buy at 5 minutes to the hour. Buying stuff always makes you
more open - so why make yourself open for the extra 55 minutes when you
don't need to?

Watch out for drugs early on in the round - they can increase your
influence by about 4k - which can make the difference between you being
open and not, when you are at the 'under 50k' stage. If you are going
to be online for a while, sell all your drugs just after the hour (even
if they aren't good prices) - then rebuy the cheap ones before the next
hour ticks over. That way you look smaller than you really are.

Remember that you need to keep your def > inf. When buying assets look
at the gap you have between defence and influence and treat that as the
amount of influence you can 'spend' on new assets. Don't forget that
you'll 'lose' some RH and BH when you buy henchmen - take that into


This is a random asset and you get 2% of the total amount you already

If you were going to buy some of that asset, do it first, then claim
the bonus - you'll get a few more that way

If the bonus is BH *DON'T* buy any other henchmen first - as this makes
your BH total drop, so you'll get less.

If it's honour, you'll get 10% (or less, or 0% if you are near the
maximum, 130%)

You get the bonus immediately, you don't have to wait for them to
arrive - so it's a great way to quickly boost your defence if the bonus
is the right kind of asset.


Spend some time choosing targets.
Watch their wins and influence - if either jumps, they may be open.

Never hit anyone less than 70% of your influence - you get less assets
and lose honour.

If you can, have a look at old SRs for your target to get an idea of
whether they collect a lot of SH or not. To get an SR you need to send
(roughly): 1 SH per 3 SH the target has + 1 SH per 6 VH they have + 1
SH per 40 other henchmen. Send plenty - you lose 10% of the assets you
sent if you fail.

If you can't find an old SR - try about 200 to 300 per 100k influence -
but this could be way out. Some people use a lot of SH - some people
have none.

ALWAYS cut and paste ALL SRS into word/notepad/whatever - and post them
on the forums. Even if you hit/you don't hit/the target is turtled like
a brick outhouse - that info is useful to anyone else who might be
considering that target. At worst you might save them a few SH.

If you get an SR from someone else - SAY SO WHEN YOU POST IT (you don't
have to say WHERE it came from, just that it's not yours) - so that
people can check it. It might be out of date/wrong.

If you post an SR from an earlier hour - SAY SO WHEN YOU POST IT - so
that people can respy if they want to hit it. If you don't, they might
think it's new and send too few FH and fail an attack.


If you are using the PA calculator it does all of the hard work - just
spy someone and hit them - or click the manual defense points checkbox
and type in the number from someone else's SR. Choose the type of
attack and ... go The PA calc has a habit of using DH if you don't
have enough FH - so remember to check it and swap DH for SH (or
whatever you want to use instead).

If not, you have to do all the calcs by hand, remembering to factor in
honour losses, city bonuses, speed demon costs, etc, etc.

Think about how much your defence will drop with the attackers out of
your base (and all the weapons they carry) - it might leave you way too
open to risk it.

If you really want to nail someone - find out what time they go to bed
and hit them while they are asleep (keep track of the last login
times). Most of your assets will be back before they know they've been

Always use Speed Demon - if you can't afford it you probably shouldn't
be doing the attack (unless it's a really sweet, *huge* hit). It costs
18% more men (multiply defence by 1.18 or attack by 0.85 if you aren't
using the PA calculator) - but they all get back in half the time - and
the assets you loot arrive in 12 hours, not 24. That makes a MASSIVE

If you hit someone in your city (or a war target) you get a *free*
Speed Demon (and +10% attack too) - so DON'T select it or you'll waste
assets. So, targets in your own city should be a priority.

If the hourly bonus is honour and you already have 130% you can use it
to get a big hit in, if there's a nice target in your city:
1) Hit someone in your city with an Honour for Power attack. You'll get
+25% (10% city bonus and 15% for HfP) - and a free Speed Demon.
2) Your honour will drop to 85% (45% drop for HfP).
3) Quickly claim the bonus and get back to 95%. You've got a nice hit
and 5% honour makes little difference.

When you first log on each day, you should have a stack of BH
available. This is a good time to attack, as you can attack first - see
what your defence looks like and then maybe leave some BH at home (and
not buy henchmen, until some attackers get back) if you've left
yourself a bit open.

Attacking someone without an up-to-date SR is VERY RISKY - don't do it


If you get hit ALWAYS post it on the forums - make sure that the time
of the hit is in the post. Other gangs might be able to hit them while
they are open - even if you can't. Remember, it takes a minimum of 6
hours for attackers to return to base, so there's plenty of time for

You might want to delete the amount of assets stolen, from the post
(just leave the time/who by/whether it was successful or not) - just in
case we have any spies make it into IF. How much was stolen from you =
an accurate SR on you.

The round can be split into 3 sections:

Upto 100k RH or 5 mil influence (whichever happens first)

From 100k RH / 5 mil influence to the last week of the round

Last 7 days of the round

You need to grow as fast as you can.

RH/BH and cash are vital.

Buy enough defence (I go with DH and handguns) to keep your assets safe.
Buy enough offence to take advantage of any open targets (I go with FH
and shotguns).

Keep the costs down and your influence as low as possible - spend as
much cash and influence as possible on RH/BH and Corps.
Keep the drug money flowing.
Don't worry if you build up cash in the bank - this is a good thing. It
can't be stolen and you are REALLY going to need it later.

For a balanced asset list (you may want to go more
growth/attack/defence oriented to suit your style), as a rough guide

1000 FH + shotguns per 100k influence (this gives you enough firepower
to hit someone 70% your size - or someone open around your size).
2000 DH + handguns per 100k influence (this gives you defence =
influence with no other assets at home)
500 SH per 100k influence (nice amount for spying and spy defence)
A minimum of 2000 RH per 100k influence - I try and hit 100K before I
hit 3 mil influence.

*DON'T attack anyone that isn't open - it's just not worth it*
Wait for someone else to attack first - then get an easy hit in. Be
Especially at the start of the round, it's almost impossible to hit and
not leave yourself open to be hit by someone else.
If you are going to attack:
1) Hit someone that has just attacked --> 'cos they must be open.
2) Hit someone in your city --> 10% bonus and free Speed Demon.
3) Use Speed Demon if they aren't in your city --> you need those
assets back fast.

Choose your targets carefully - there's no rush and hitting a closed
target might make you miss a really good one, 'cos all your guys are

*DON'T attack too much*
Try and make yourself look as small as possible and keep your defence
high - at this stage not getting hit is probably more important than
making a hit.


Summary of the points relevant to this discussion extracted from my extremely detailed and high quality strategy guide:

A High Influence now probably means you bought the wrong stuff. If you've bought ANY GLs or MLs yet - then

You need to buy as many RH as possible early on - once your inf goes through 100k you have to pay more. Low inf = more time to buy cheap RH.

Low inf = less likely to get hit.

Low inf = higher Tactical bonuses.

Low inf good ... high inf bad (at this stage of the round).

............. A rough guide to Tactics ...............

Any spare henchmen you have you can send them to get Tactical Points.

While they are gone, they earn points every hour (1 point per henchman, 5 points for a Tactical Henchman). These points can be used like cash to buy bonuses.

While the henchmen are gone, they don't defend - so you have to be careful not to leave yourself open. You can tell henchmen to return to base - and they arrive back on the next tick - but you don't get any Tactical points from them for that hour.

You never lose Tactical points - they just keep building up.

... but once you've allocated them towards a certain bonus, you can't get them back, they stay there.

The amount of bonus you get varies depending on which bonus you are going for - and your influence.

So far it looks like:
You get 1% spy offence if you put TacPoints equal to 4% of your influence into the Spy bonus.
You get 1% offence if you put TacPoints equal to 16% of your influence into the Offence bonus.
You get 1% defence if you put TacPoints equal to 16% of your influence into the Defence bonus.
You get 1% off of the cost of assets (except drugs and RH) if you put TacPoints equal to 16% of your influence into the Price bonus.
You loot 1% more assets if you put TacPoints equal to 32% of your influence into the Gain bonus.
Your bought assets arrive back 1 hour early if you put TacPoints equal to 140% of your influence into the Time bonus.
The Speed bonus IMHO is garbage and not worth wasting points on.

As your influence increases you will need to keep adding a few more TacPoints into the categories that you want, to keep above the 16/32/whatever % limit - or you'll lose the bonus, until you add in enough TacPoints to get over the limit again.

TH are the best henchmen to use to get TacPoints and have a decent defence rating (15 defence points) - so are good in an emergency, to dump back into your base on the next tick, if you leave yourself open.



To me, Speed seems to be useless.

With full 10 hour Speed:
Speed Demon, or City attacks or War Targets - the speed bonus has no extra effect, you just get the normal city/wt/speed demon bonus.

Using Speed Demon (with NO Speed bonus) your assets get back in 6 (awesome cars) to 12 hours (walking) and looted assets get back in 12 hours.

With full 10 hour Speed bonus (no speed demon, as it makes no difference) your assets get back in 2 (awesome cars) to 14 hours (walking) and looted assets get back in 24 hours.

I prefer to the Speed Demon to the Speed bonus - looted assets get back in half the time and the time saving with Speed bonus is not great.

For the same number of TacPoints you could get 50% offence bonus = Speed Demon +35% extra.


Some people see the 2 hour return time and think they can get masses of attacks in a day. They are forgetting the effect of influence. Each time they hit, they gain inf and lose some Speed bonus. It is not possible to have enough TH to keep replacing TPs fast enough to maintain a 2 hour turn-around on attacks.

You might get someone hitting once - then 2 hours later, then 4 hours after that - then doing that again a few days later when they have built their TPs back up ... but it requires a lot of TH and a lot of Awesome cars - which means that their firepower will be low. It's not that great.

For combat accounts I'd say go for Offence and Gain (more loot) - and ignore Speed. Speed Demon is good enough and gets the loot back quicker too.


How many TH should I buy?

Assuming a 1% per hour growth (very rough, but makes the numbers easy) - you need to increase your TPs by 1% per hour, to keep your bonuses static.

So you need:
Current total TPs * 1%, extra TPs per hour
Which means (Current Total TPs / 500) TH need to be sat earning TPs, to just to keep the bonuses you already have.

If you want to increase your bonuses, you'll need more TH - if you want to get them pretty quickly, I'd suggest doubling that number.

When buying TH, spread it out over the day as they are quite high inf. In fact they are the new fluffy henchmen - more inf/$ than VH.

Don't forget that they have a high Def rating too - so in an emergency you can get them to return on the next tick. I suggest you have 1 knife per TH spare at home, which costs almost nothing and has hardly any effect on inf. That way, each TH will give you 21 DPs when needed - which is a nice boost. Delete PostInfection
9:56 am, Jun. 3rd

Your early morning 'big asset buy' has an impact on Tactical bonuses too.

The first time you log in each day you will have a lot of saved up TPs and a low influence (before you buy anything).

This means that if you can, you should allocate all of your TPs - then take advantage of the very high TPs/inf ratio you now have.

If you've gone for Price/Time - spend your TPs now and get a big benefit to your 'big asset buy'.

If you've gone for Offence/Gain/Speed - attacking now will give you the highest bonuses (then buy your assets afterwards).

If you've gone for Spying - you get the biggest Spy bonus you'll get all day, so grab some early morning SRs.

If you've gone for Defence - doesn't make any difference to you Delete  Offense and Gain=Best for offensive accounts, don't bother with the rest.
Price and Defense=Best for the turtles/Growth accounts. You could add time here, but it'll cost more to get them to come in for the faster turnaround time.
Spy=if you are gonna be using those binoculars an awful lot


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found a cool game....
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2004, 04:05:56 pm »
just waaaaaay to mutch to read


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found a cool game....
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2004, 10:57:41 pm »
yes it is, but its the only way to be succesful :)