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Mechwarrior Fans
« on: December 29, 2009, 04:13:16 am »
the Mod/add-on for Crysis' Crytek Engine, Mechwarrior Living Legends MOD is now available at

Mechwarrior Living Legends


Mechwarrior Living Legends

Walk in Mechanized machines, or drive around in Tanks...even use a Elemental Suit.
uses the same interface, to purchase vehicles...

Supports Internet play...and LAN
with the Crytek engine, nice explosions and nice effects.
Also is a Back to the Future MOD, that allows you to build anymap, and use the BTTF mod, to spawn Docs' DeLorean
comes with sound effects, flashes...even the Flux Capacitor Works!
press "T" to activate it.
you will reach 72/mph. enable the Turbo to reach 88mph to go back in time..

Real Light flashing time effects..
Real Fire Streaks on the Ground...

when u enable the Flux Capacitor, JUMP out, if you wish, it will go back in time, and the clock will change...

Press "Y" to bring the DeLorean BACK to your time..



Just like in the Movie, EVERYTHING works..all the little bells/whistles..

you can edit the maps with SandBox2, and SAVE it as a Default Multiplayer MAP, like "MESA" map-
so u can host LAN or internet, and load the modded mesa map- other players will need the files though.

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