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Post ur top 5 FPS games and Top5 Strategic games and top5 RPG games here...and Top5 Car games... and blablabla top5 blabalba (They dont have to be new and you dont HAVE to post 5 you can post more or less..its ur choice..)... Oh and ofcoz, top5 Console games *Pokes at Koops*  :P

Top5 FPS & TPS (In no specific order):

1. Operation Flashpoint - All (Actually its Strategic FPS game.)

2. Max Payne: 1 and 2

3. Jedi Knight Series (Includes 'Dark Forces')

4. Doom 1,2 & Hexen 3 (Very old games but they were fun.. I wouldn't like to play them now but I remember I had fun with them.)

5. Call Of Duty (And Medal Of Honour)

6. Hitman 1 & 2

7. MAFIA !! (The best story ever !! after Max payne hehe...)

Top5 RPG's

1. Morrowind & Extensions (Best GAME ever, damn its big!!)

2. Gothic 1 & 2 (Omg they were so fun!)

I havent really playd much RPGs....hmm..maybe add some tomorrows... cant remember any right now

Top5 Strategic

1. Civ 3 & Extensions

2. Age Of Empires - all

3. Europeian Wars: Cossacks

4. OFP (Yes it deserves a place as Strategic game too..)

5. Command & Conquer : All (Omg there are soooooo many! And I like em all.. Tiberian Sun, Red alert, generals etc etc etc etc etc ....etc etc)

6. Warcraft 1 and 2. (Didn't like the 3rd at all)

7. Sudden Strike (Havent playd Blitz yet)

Car Games:

1. NFS: Underground

2. Interstate !!!

3. GTA 1 & Vice City. (The Second wasn't really as good as the first..)

Umm well,


1. Star Wars: KOTOR (Abit big, very good)

2. Fallout 2

3. Lionheart

4. Exile Series (sucky graphics)


1. Call of Duty

2. UT2K3

3. BF1942

4. Counter Strike

Top Strat.

1. Civilization Series

2. C & C series

3. Warcraft III

4. Simcity 3000

Don't really like Racing


--- Quote from: Wizkid ---2. Gothic 1 & 2 (Omg they were so fun!)
--- End quote ---

lol gothic is aviable on swedish?
did you knwo that its a german game? =P

M. O.:
We never translate the games, we just use the english version  :wink:

1. Operation Flashpoint Series (it's possible to do everything with it)
2. Postal 2 (short SP as games should be, everyone should've played it)
3. Max Payne Series
4. Mafia
5. Hitman Series
6. Battlefield Series
7. Vietcong

1. Morrowind (very customizeable)

1. Civ Series (not 2)
2. Sudden Strike, Blitzkrieg
3. Warcraft Series
4. Sim City 3000 and 4
5. Cossacks Series
6. Command And Conquer Series
7. Worms series
8. Age of Empires 1 & 2

Jaguar Turbo Lotus XJ2000 (or something like that, for the old Amiga)

Koopa Troopa:
Best games  ever:

1.Super Mario Worl
2.The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
3.SUper MArio 64
4.Super Mario bros 3
5.Super Mario bros
6.The Legend of Zelda
7.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
8.Super Metroid
9.Mario Kart 64
10.Mario Kart 64
11.The Legend of Zela: The Wind Waker
12.Donkey Kong Country
13.Didy Kong Racing
14.Banjo Kazooi
15.Super Mario bros 2


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