Author Topic: Vietcong 2 Skin hack, I need some help.  (Read 1066 times)

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Vietcong 2 Skin hack, I need some help.
« on: July 08, 2009, 01:25:58 am »
Hi all.
I play Vietcong 2 version 1.10, so not Fist Bravo.
I am trying to make a mod to play with other skins in vietcong 2, like the reporter skin in the Single Player.
I get the basics, like extracting and repacking CBF files. I know it won't help if I edit them with photoshop or any other program, because I will only see the changes because it is edited on my pc.
But I need some help getting everything to work, I also tried to change the weap.txt file and repack it but it didn't work. It would be useful to get some tips how to do it. I read a forum post about .DLL files and linking them, but I do not understand it, can someone please help me with any of this?

I appreciate the help, and I know there is a search function on this site but I already saw all the 23 pages of the vietcong 1&2 section  :icon_thumbsup (multiple times)

Thanks Chapman
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