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Z drive 712MB/sec

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--- Quote ---OCZ was demonstrating its new Z Drive with 1 TB of storage at CeBIT 2009 this week. The new drive is a storage device that connects to an x8 PCIe slot and offers 1 terabyte of storage capacity. The Z Drive is about the same size a dual-slot graphics card, so its not exactly small, but the device is stated to offer maximum read and write speeds of up to 600 MB/sec. and 500 MB/sec., respectively. According to the demo OCZ had on display at CeBIT though, the Z Drive was actually showing minimum and maximum read speeds of 654 MB/sec. and 712 MB/sec., respectively. Incredible.
--- End quote ---
More info,spec's and photograps:,7181.html

M. O.:
Those will probably replace our current HDs in a few years.

Im so curious how commercial computer hardware will be in 10 years. I think this will be the staying for some time, but too bad its PCIe.
Btw.. who is using any PCI slot here? Nowdays no one needs them anymore. This could change it if it would be for PCI, but its prolly to slow and stuff to handle the card.

oh well..  :icon_o_o

I only use one slot in my computers and that is for the GFX card.

On-board sound these days is so good that there is no real need for a sound card as long as your speaker system has an amp.

I also only install one HD as the size (and speed) of them today negates the risk of RAID 0 and any backup/storage drive sits in the shipping box's until I need which point I connect my universal adaptor to transfer info and then back into the box they go.
Never a need to "install" them into the case.

With the AMD and Seagate demo of SATA-3 the bandwith of new HD's will be even faster.
USB-3 will also be welcome.

At the same time flash memory will also be going up both in speed and capacity as time goes by.

The flash drive by Z will also come in a 2 TB size...and if the price was the same as a regular HD I would buy one for sure and use it as my "C" drive...because I hate my GF's 4 year old computer taking what to me seems forever to load up anything at all!
At least mine was the fastest thing you could build without RAID 0 about a year ago.

Would be pretty fcking portable indeed if u would have an OS on it. But i doubt a bios will be able to boot from it? Or will it just reconise it as a sata connection?


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