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Busted by TKC!
« on: January 04, 2009, 11:19:37 am »
Andrew Killham aka FATE an admin of one of Pterodons major AU fan sites(,a promoter of a failed anticheat system which TKC has forever defeated,and one of the Mod's/Admin on a game Developers site -Pterodon- has been found allowing one of his hosting company's clients to host said game developers files and official add-ons for months...and did nothing until the day after I posted links to it here on TKC.

FATE has been known by many on-line Nic's and was busted years ago by TKC for leaking information that TKC had found,but never made public,that caused Pterodon's product,a game called Vietcong to crash all on-line servers while he was a member of TKC and a spy looking for cheat source codes for a anticheat program known by it's short name as HB.
His evil actions almost killed the game and the Publishers sales in less than 3 weeks time.
I was the one who first (and many times after) busted Andrew Killham aka FATE for his actions.
Now I bring you this years story!

Read about it here:

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