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Earth Day

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Each year on April 22nd is Earth Day...but the people of the planet earth have a new time of the year to look forwards to now,April 23rd!

(EDITED: Valid video links for 2010 are in reply #8 below)


--- Quote ---Have you ever driven by a hippie, environmental protest and had your beautiful gas guzzling SUV keyed?

Now you can protect your car by making it appear environmentally friendly with the Glenn Beck Hydro-Carbon Powered Eco-Vehicle bumper sticker. Look like a friend of the Earth while killing it at the same time!

Hydro Carbon just means oil, but with our clever recycle-shape inspired design, environmentalists and global warming zombies alike will take one look and think you're on their side. Only we'll know the truth behind it?you evil conservative hate monger!

And with this sticker 2-pack you get one for your car, and one to share with a friend.
--- End quote ---


It's that time of year again!  :icon_teehee

New video link:


whats earth day ?


--- Quote from: MrMedic on April 23, 2009, 07:44:56 am ---whats earth day ?

--- End quote ---
We can tell you have never been a slacker hippie potheaded dreamer of a "better world".
Watch the video,it explains it.


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