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--- Quote from: M. O. on June 05, 2012, 03:50:16 pm ---Afghanistan is different as it involves a foreign country intervening (the american scenario here, I take it, is citizens vs a government). The afghan opposition had simple weapons, but after ten years the talibans had access to anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles in addition to normal small arms supplied to them by the west, which forced the Russians out as the war cost too much in lives and money. Afghans today are equipped only with simple weapons (and road side bombs) but they have no means of fighting tanks and planes. In Libya the islamists were falling back until they were given air superiority and helped by special forces and Qatarii regulars. In Syria the insurgents have no means of defeating the governement after a year and more of battle. However, army support or a foreign intervention would turn the tide for them. In most countries you can buy guns, but you need a license (just like a car license), and you are required by law to store guns in a gun safe.

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It is a bit different, but I think the main point here is the deadlock you are speaking of. As long as the people are armed and willing to fight, they cannot be conquered or put down. Historically that deadlock favors the people. The government will run out of the resources needed to control the armed, angry populace long before the spirit of the people breaks.

Of course all that was before nukes, Japan shit their pants when they go hit, If a government is that fuck'd I dunno...


--- Quote ---A 14-year-old boy who was babysitting his younger siblings shot an armed intruder at their home in Phoenix and nearly killed the man. The teen said a woman rang the doorbell, but he refused to answer because he didn't recognize her. Not long after, he heard banging on the door and raced his siblings upstairs, grabbing his dad's gun. When he returned to the top of the stairs he saw a man with a gun breaking in. When the intruder pointed his firearm at the boy, the teen fired before the 37-year-old could get a shot off. The intruder is in critical condition, and police have hailed the boy for doing "exactly what he should have done," calling the family lucky.
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Idiot Armed Robbers Pay for Trying to Rob a Gun Store | Active Self Protection

Guy looks and shoots like me.

White Gun Shop Owner Sh00ts K!lls Would Be Thug Who Tried To Rob His Store We Have The Footage!

Tommy always tells it like it is...and the hell with PC bullshit.

Open carry FTW


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