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Why do we cheat?

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i R Cheater:
Why do we cheat? Why do we need to do things that that a non-cheater can't do or simply chooses not to do... Is it for power?

In some games, a cheater can make bombs rain from the sky at his will. He has the power to go anywhere in an instant. A president or king has the ability to make decisions that affect millions of lives and a server administrator could remove a players ability to play but why does he feel the need to do it? Is it for power?

Why does it feel good to be able to do things that other palyers can't or won't do  :icon_confused2

Why does it make us laugh when other players display their emotions because some players are doing things that they cannot?

The short answere is FUN.

Kind of the same philosophy applied into freerunner philosophy, i think the answer is "just cause we can". now, free running and some instances in parkour take paths no normal person can just to feel like they are not being "held back".  why walk around a rail when you can go through it or over it?

I think of it like this.

Let's compare a Special Forces soldier vs. a random, poorly trained Insurgent. Let's compare the equipment and technology available to the SF vs. the Insurgent.

The SF has access to GPS, satellites, intel, weapons that can SEE AROUND CORNERS and fire without risk to the shooter, etc. etc. Not to mention they've gone through incredibly taxing and brutal training. (and passed it)

The Insurgent... well, they got handed an AK47, some Opium, and were told to point it at the enemy and pull the trigger.

Using cheats, we're like the SF soldiers against a bunch of Insurgents. It's not called cheating in REAL combat when one side uses technological advances against the other, right? And hacks are just technological advances.


(Granted, I usually play without them, I only use cheats when I feel like it... so... uhh.. yeah, to sum that all up, cheats = FUN)

I don't cheat in contests.
Thats why they are called a -contest-.


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