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Misc Tricks
« on: March 27, 2004, 07:40:02 am »
These are just various odd things

For Anyone:

-Obvious one, use pull to steal guns from people.

-If a spacecraft is spawned and stuck, use lightning to send it on a rampage.

-After you lightning a stuck spacecraft, if you can manage to get in it, the guns will now be operating.

-Use /model yoda on some servers to get a midget like model, default is kyle but you can get jawa and some others in the same size.

If you have Admin on a Paid server:

-Teleport to someone while they are in a spacecraft or atst to blow them up and get a point.

-Teleport someone into a wall right next to an elevator and then go on the elevator to make them loose points.

-If you are unsure how to do command to people without typing their whole name, simply type in /amstatus and it gives everyone a number you can call them by.

-Teleport to a locaton by typing /amtele x x x 0    The x's can be any number, 0 0 0 is the middle of a map, always have the 0 at the end.
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