Author Topic: Getting out of your specials&stop falling to death  (Read 575 times)

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Getting out of your specials&stop falling to death
« on: March 27, 2004, 07:28:02 am »
This is for servers that have the JA mod probably the JA 1.8 at this time...most people don't know this little trick. First off see if you can spam, simply hit one of your GoodFight or lol binds like 3 times in a row and see if they all appear. If not you can do one of these 2 tricks and if so you can do both. First off the getting out of a special. Don't you hate when you're doing something like a barrier and see someone waiting to lunge you when you're almost done or see someone about to slice down at you in is your solution. A simply /amknockmedown bind will do it. When in a special do it and quick hit like left or forward so in midair you move, if you wait you knock yourself down hurting yourself and they can still get you. This works with or without spamming. Now for spam servers ONLY you can save yourself from falling to your death. It's the same /amknockmedown bind but keep clicking it and you will rise up and up and up, to move in a direction hit forward or left,right whichever until your are about to star falling then hit the bind again and reapeat, this slowly moves you in a direction instead of just going up, or one way.
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