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Re: CodeSkyWolf and keygen
« Reply #15 on: August 16, 2007, 06:11:28 pm »
I don't post on that I take it that is the purpose of the color bar under a persons nic.

exactly the higher your color bar reaches to the right the better your score multiplyer works


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Re: CodeSkyWolf and keygen
« Reply #16 on: August 20, 2007, 03:59:45 am »
I see that some Super Fanboys on the BI forum are insisting that ID # ranging anyplace from 5-12 digits are illeagle.

They seem to spend all their time looking at ID's without any "triggering event" and not just banning them but PUBLICLY POSTING on BI and asking others to add them to a ban list.

As the game developer BI -or- any of the many PUBLISHERS have NEVER POSTED a valid range of ID's...I have to ask what these total idiots are using for this information.

Is it mushrooms,LSD or a Ouijaboard?

I also wonder why a forum set up by a developer would not correct moderators who allow such things to be posted and subject themselves to possible liability.

I am not talking about a list of those banned but the claim that #'s in a range are invalid...when they are made as a result of valid cd-keys and allowed by a key-checking server...and being allowed to advocate that people be ban based on unfounded knowlage.

The game has more than one PUBLISHER and it is normal for any of them to have differant amounts of both cd-keys and thus ID's...and even vary the ranges they each use for store-vs-online sales from the same,or even vary them by country sold in.
Each and every one of them (publisher) does this....and it is NOT the DEVELOPER who puts the keys on the disk or decides the size of either the cd-key or related ID # or method to calculate/validate such.

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