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How to Mod FIFA 07
« on: July 04, 2007, 12:39:11 pm »
What you need
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Before you read this, I do not take responsibility for any problems that may happen to your game or computer for that matter

Step 1. Locate your EA Sports Folder

Step 2. Open the folder and find your FIFA 07 folder

Step 3. Locate a folder IN your FIFA 07 folder called data

Step 4. Open that folder and find another folder called cmn

Step 5. Find a file called INI

Step 6. Right click the file then click edit, if done correctly you should be looking at

Step 7. Once your in that file, you will see the words in brackets. The words are [CPUAM], [CPUPR] and [CPUWC]. (They are the different difficulties in which you can verse the computer - CPUAM meaning AMateur level, CPUPR meaning PRo level and CPUWC meaning World Class level, obviously all are progressively harder)

Step 8. Experiment with the different values you see. Try editing stuff like 'CPU_GOALIE_SKILL' from like 90 to something like 20.

Step 9. Scroll down and you may notice subheadings like [USERAM] etc. Once again they are different levels of difficulty, when you increase the difficulty of the opponent your goalie may get less skill etc. Try editing 'HUMAN_GOALIE_SKILL' to something like 99 or 100?

After that its pretty straight forward, save the notepad and play the game and test whether you see any differences. I am yet to test this as I do not have FIFA on me at this current point in time.

If you need any help whatsoever pm me and I will reply definitely within the next 48 hours. Credit goes to me and EA/EA Sports for making the game :D. If you have any inquiries please feel free to post here, I don't bite (Watch out for that Wesker guy though I think he does  :icon_laugh).

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