Author Topic: some interesting tricks, tips, console commands  (Read 725 times)

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some interesting tricks, tips, console commands
« on: March 08, 2004, 03:41:42 pm »
first of i have to say everythin im goin to post here is lame and it sucks, especially the special-moves script
im playin jka serious but im also a mod here and all informations should be aviable for everyone so here it comes:

how to make noobs leave the server:

just tell them to type "disco" in the console for nice light effects
disco stands for disconnect btw :wink:


with yawspeed you can rapid increase the damage of a hit.
is basicly about circling like a "centrifugal" while hitting the enemy, works best with the special attack of dual sabers and almost every single saber attack

there are two ways to do it: with the mouse or via script

for the script write
Code: [Select]
/cl_yawspeed 600000 in the console (shift+^)
then set your "turn" keys at: q - for turn left | and e - for turn right for easyer using

Code: [Select]
/cg_fov 40
with this command can you set the view-zoom
perfect for siege as sniper

how to kick ass in FFA

take the staff-saber and train the left-right combo (tricky)
but when you?ve mastered it its the most efficient attack in ffa, its very fast and extremely dangerus

3-4 hits (well performed) take 200 hp ( 100 hp and 100 shield)
youll get 100 kills in less than 20 mins

also the butterfly is very effective

when you see a large group of players fighting each other just make a bf and see them die like flys

also the dual-saber special+yawspeed is very effective
find a one-button special script here
a wallhack

to make the sript working copy it into your jka/base directionary rename it for example to jkascript, then join a server open the console and type:
Code: [Select]
/exec jkascript.cfg