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Make an screenshot of your desktop and post it here : )

^^ I like it clean.

Stock desktop for me....except I have all pictures off and just the plain color for that .0000001 sec of extra speed in loading!

Ya u once told me your pc started up in less then 5 sec to the desktop right?
Mines about 20 sec...
But my pc suck so i thnk its prtty good for this machine xD

z is a liar.  :lol: impossible i bet hes talking about standby modus which takes from pressing the button on the case untill login screen about 5 seconds as well. nothing can be faster than having everything allready in memory like it is the case with suspend-to-ram (S3 modus).

Show off your desktop ROFL...
Prntscreen + paint + save as JPG + + TKC Isnt so hard eh xD


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