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its patch time
« on: November 30, 2006, 09:26:11 pm »

when some1 has a prob with fps then u can test the official patch 1.01.

oops...forgot 2 post the link

for czech version:

and for german version:

************************************************** *************************
*** 1.01


- Significantly improved general performance of the German version
- Improved performance on shading detail and texture detail very low
- Optimized grass implementation
- Fixed bug in texture management: All textures could have been thrown away under certain conditions

Stability and Security:

- Some crash opportunities in multiplayer fixed.
- Crash when out of videomemory fixed
- Removed function exportLandscapeXYZ

- Pathfinding improvements
- Combat reaction improvements


- Dedicated server related improvements

- Improved missions endings in various conditions
- Fixed mission duration info

1.01 - Fixed: Some users disconnected from the MP session after several minutes

1.01 - Fixed: Modified config test is obsolete and no longer supported.
Use verifySignatures=1 in the server.cfg to verify data are not modified by clients.
Note: this currently prevents using any 3rd party addons as they are not signed.

1.01 - Fixed: Lowering terrain grid increased overall settings indication.

1.01 - Fixed: Window flags changed to improve full-screen window border handling.

1.01 - New: Support for improved UI in dialogs during joining to dedicated server

1.01 - Changed: normal maps are not used when using "shading quality" "very low"

1.01 - Improved: AI pathfinding failing less often now

1.01 - Removed: function exportLandscapeXYZ

1.01 - Fixed: Tonemapping was not involved in the flare color calculation

1.01 - Fixed: NULL RT texture can be created now if possible as a shadow buffer resource - it will save some video RAM when using nVidia SB technique

1.01 - Fixed: 1x1 texture is created now as a shadow buffer resource, when using retail version of the DX - it will save some video RAM when using nVidia or ATI SB techniques

1.01 - Fixed: Fixed bug in texture management. All textures could have been thrown away under certain conditions

1.01 - Fixed: crash when out of videomemory

1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not react to change formation command

1.01 - Fixed: AI more actively scanning visually for enemy when his position is not known.

1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes planned path through walls

1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not found path around mountains

1.01 - Fixed: Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.'

1.01 - Fixed: Dedicated server can retranslate Voice Over Net packets

1.01 - Fixed: Possible crash when exiting multiplayer game.

1.01 - Fixed: Possible crash when hosting MP session

1.01 - Fixed: LOD selection for clutters was not working properly

1.01 - Fixed: Very low shading quality settings now invoke usage of very cheap shader for trees

1.01 - Fixed: Display for mission selecting / voting on dedicated server - mission list fixed

1.01 - Fixed: Crash in multiplayer lobby screen

1.01 - Fixed: Debriefing - mission duration info was wrong in campaign

1.01 - Fixed: Command interface, with ALT held should move cursor

1.01 - Fixed: Improved AI reaction to soldier being hit nearby.

1.01 - Fixed: Improved AI reaction to friendly units observed being killed.

1.01 - Fixed: AI reaction improved for enemies disembarking vehicles.

1.01 - Fixed: Unicode used for dedicated server console output.

1.01 - Fixed: Unicode used for debugger output (OutputDebugString)

and help some1 2 find the adress for ammo  :loser  :lol:
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Re: its patch time
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2006, 02:25:19 am »
With all those "fixs" it sound like they never had a game ready to sale in the first place!

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Re: its patch time
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2006, 06:21:44 am »
Or maybe they are making the Germans and Czechs test it before it's English release lol

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Re: its patch time
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2007, 07:16:04 pm »
did you hear someting about 1.09?
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