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[Info] Voting Procedure - How it works.


M. O.:
In The Polling Station any registered member may suggest any proposal/wish of his wanting. If the vote succeeds the vote will likely be passed on to the TKC decision makers - The Central Committee. If the vote succeeds there as well, the proposal will be passed.

* Format of title has to be "[Poll] Proposal"
* Poll Title, -Question and -Options must be clear (no contradictions).
* Valid polls must be limited to 7 days.
* There has to be an Abstain/Blank option.
Example Poll
Poll Question and Options are clear. Title is not the best though.
No limit. Should be 7. Otherwise it's ok.

Don't go off topic, thats what the RIB is for after the topic finishes.

Please read all these rules as I'm sure hardly anyone ever does that.


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