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OS reinstalls or not "how to"

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I never reformat OR re-install the OS.
I have systems with XP running with same install from the week XP -first- went onsale.
My systems STILL boot to desktop in 7 Secs or less!

I run programs around the 1st of each month:

Windows clean up.
Norton WinDoctor.
TuneUp Utilities.
Reg Cleaner.

I reboot after each one and then run CHKDSK from command prompt (if it makes a repair then I reboot again).
Next I run TuneUp Utilities program called Registry Defrag (you have cleaned the defrag it!)

Next I run Windows BootVis and tell it to lay out my startup programs for fastest boot time.

Reboot again.
Run CHKDSK again....if no errors then I defrag the HD it's self (and then reboot).

For the main HD defrag I let Norton do uses the -full- version of the program Windows has for a defragment program. Now and then I also use a defrag program made buy O&O (German...good program).

Two times a year I use SpinRite 6.0 by Steve Gibson ( It "refreshes" all the info on a HD....AND it will REPAIR corrupted files and RECOVER BAD SECTORS!!!
As long as your HD still spins....this program is the best thing you could own.
It will recover things that some companies charge $4000 or more to do.
The drawback is that it can take 18 hours to run a 100GB drive thru the program....thus I only use it two times a year.

Although at times you MIGHT have a registry entry become corrupt and cause things to not work/run....RESIST the urge to re-install or re-format!
Take the time to research what has happened and REPAIR the corrupted registry entry.

If you recall I had a BIG problem getting the computers on LAN here to transfer files not that long ago. Google is our friend,just enter the error code number.

Now I can boot to desktop in 7 secs (or less on some systems)...and it takes that long because I boot from ONE drive only (no Raid for me....had 1 bad time and that was enough for my lifetime!)

I recall you had Raid 5 set up.
If your using only software to do it and get an error.....I wish you luck.
The ONLY way I would ever use Raid (any type) would be if I had a separate Raid controller card with IT'S OWN recovery program.

1) Never have any "clean up" program delete 'lost clusters' or CHKDSK will not be able to repair bad entry.
2) Never defrag a HD before you first run CHKDSK.
3) Allways reboot after each/any clean-up,defrag,CHKDSK or related program.

I really do need a reformat. : (
Since this pc has only 45GB left of the 150 and im the only one using it.
My downloads folder is 16GB, an other music foder 1GB.
Program files bout 10GB.

Im like WTF where did the other GB's go in 0o?
This pc is a left over from my 2 older sisters that have their own now.
Had a new hdd last feb.
I have gotten great protection, Kasperski and Spysweeper.
Im stil llike wtf.. where did the gb's go..
Oh and i defragment it every 3/2 months..

M. O.:
Most problems are avoided if you just partition your HD right. Put 10-20GB for a windows only partition. With updates and sys related software. Then create one partition for programs and one for files. Or one HD for files purely.

You don't need to defrag as often then. Comp runs ok all the time.


--- Quote ---Since this pc has only 45GB left of the 150 and im the only one using it
--- End quote ---
I have 7 computers here on my LAN.
I use up at least 100GB of storage each month!
One computer has over 900GB of HD installed on it alone.
I got to the point that I do not even bother to INSTALL new storage...I now use a USB-to ATA/SATA connector.

Now I open a box with a new 300+GB HD....connect this USB thing to it and move files from whatever computer I want more space on....then disconnect the USB thing and close the box that the new HD came in,put it away on a self.

The USB to ATA/SATA adapter and software driver CD is sold on for $19 USD.

I think i will just go get an new pc, i saved some money and my dad will help with the funds :p
Cus i need a bigger screen, better vid card, i want 2 hdd's not 1, i can use some more RAM.  :o


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