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Site downtime
« on: November 06, 2006, 02:45:39 am »
Late on 11-1-06,early 11-2-06, some people may have noticed that everything related to TKC's URL gave a DNS error for about 2 hours.

This problem also effected all domains served on our host as well as the host itself.
Brief Network Outtage


Many of you may have noticed that the Host site and customers site's were down for some time. We believe that the outage was caused by a power surge. Two power supplies on redundant routers failed at the same time and there were visible signs of a power surge; however, we are still working with our data center and power suppliers to confirm this is the cause.

We, of course, have many layers of redundancy built into our systems including redundant swiches, bandwidth feeds and power supplies. We believe that this outage could most likely not have been avoided; however, we will as always do examine the facts of what happened and look for ways to improve our network.

We are sorry for this interuption and we appreciate your patience while we worked to restore your service.
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