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What is the speed of light...really?


What is the REAL speed of light?

Tests have slowed it down to under 1 MPH,other tests have made it FASTER than 186,000 MPS....but now they have made light move BACKWARDS!  :shock:

M. O.:
Well that looks like a fraud if you ask me. If it's for real it should've been in any major newspaper some time ago. And what they write in the article is wrong. The light of speed is only likely the fastest way information can be transmitted. But it's possible that we discover something that is faster. Perhaps not very likely though.

No it is not a fraud and that is just an artical with excerpts from the teams paper.

True (but must people misunderstand/misquote) the Speed of Light is NOT the fastest thing around...only the fastest speed of imformation.....and it only moves 186,000 MPS when in a vacume.

Interesting how they explain the way light moves BACWARDS thru the fiberwire

It was only lately that they showed that Gravity has the same speed as light.


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