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Thank you vicious


Koopa Troopa:
Thank you vicious for just mention my name. I am fare from the only spammer here, but always when you are talking about spam you put my name infront of all the other. You are always talking about the spamemrs and how bad they are, but why do you not do anything about it? You can start with letting me be a moderator.


I have no stars, do you know why? Because I have Mario-heads and a text line under: Spammer
What is the messege? You can not call me a spammer and then say to me that I am not allowed to spam.

In case you didn't read my anouncement, PM me if you have a score to settle with me. I understand you are the forum jester/spammer, but there is a difference between that, and spamming every thread with a "Cool, I dunno" or "ok". That's pushing the limit. I don't mind the occasional craziness you post, but the one line pointless responses are what I am talking about. Also you have a mysterious gift of causing arguements. I would mention others, you are no the only spammer, but you shine above all others.


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