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Under the custom map tut
« on: May 14, 2006, 09:10:22 pm »
Ok, here's the promised tut on how to go under any map you like. Dev section only ofcourse!

Things needed:

- 3D Studio Max
- Ptero plugin for 3d Studio Max (free downloadable everywhere)
- Vietcong editor (free downloadable everywhere)
- CBF unpacker

Step 1:
Make a floor WITH sidewalls (prefents you from falling of the map) in 3D Studio Max. The size is not important right now. The texturesize for the floor/wall has to be like 64*64, 128*128 etc. DDS and BMP can be used. Also make a pyramid with a flat top. Convert both to .BES (export to). The floor has to be named like: Terrain_PICKANAMEYOULIKE.bes. BES support is not standard in 3DS so you have to install the plugin (downloadable for free everywhere).

Step 2:
I'll pick Dustworld as an example. Pick a custom map of your own choise and extract the LEVELS (Dustworld.DAT) in directory into your Vietcong directory. Add 2 more maps to it (Vietcong\Levels\Dustworld\blaba etc): Objects and Tex. Copy the Pyramid.BES and the terrain_PICKANAMEYOULIKE.bes (made in 3DS) into the Objects directory. Copy the texture from the Pyramid and floor into the Tex directory. Now boot up the Vietcong Editor and rebuild the texture database (Tools->Rebuild TexDB), this way the custom textures of the floor and pyramid will be shown. Load the DUSTWORLD.SCO. Now we start adding our custom floor to it and stretch/resize/positioning it under the main Dustworld floor. If all is done then write down the coords/values from the Custom floor (Terrain_PICKANAMEYOULIKE.bes). Save the map, just in case you want to change things later on.

Step 3:
Now we're going to make a new map using the new scene wizzard (File->New scene). Select your Terrain_PICKANAMEYOULIKE.bes (our 3DS made floor) as your terrain. Also select a sky (downloadable everywhere). Now change the position of the Terrain_PICKANAMEYOULIKE.bes to the values you just wrote down from the Dustworld map. Add a couple of deadmatch respawnpoints (Entities->Create->Recoverypoint). Put your info into the Multiplayer game editor (editor, name of the map, DM script, endrule etc). Save your project and compile the map.

Step 4:
Add the .OCT of your compiled map to your collection (in this example it's the Dustworld). Now start up the Cong and pown :)

The Pyramid.BES can be used under the flagpoles if they are not reachable (use it in STEP 2 and 3, same as the Terrain_PICKANAMEYOULIKE.bes). You can work with differend plateaus if you feel like it as I did in my version of Stream. I added a second floor made of shootable glass  :wink:
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Under the custom map tut
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2006, 09:16:38 pm »
Nice tutor. :icon_thumbsup

U have really pwnt the map mod making %100.
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