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CoV: Slash Commands
« on: December 15, 2005, 07:48:31 am »
Communication Commands
/auction      Send message to request channel
/autoreplay   Start a reply for client
/g or /group   Send message to group channel
/l or /local   Sends a message to local channel
/lfg      Toggle looking for group status
/private      Sends a message to only one player
/r or /reply   Reply to last received private message
/req      Sends message to request channel
/s or /say   Sends the given text on the current chat channel
/sell      Send a message to request channel
/t or /tell   Sends a message to only one player
/whisper      Send a message to only one player
/y or /yell   Sends a message to entire map

Friends Commands
/estrange      Remove player from your friends list
/f      Message all of the users on your friend list
/fl      Display friends list
/friend       Add player to your friends list
/friendlist   Display friend list
/ignore      Ignore user
/ignorelist   Displays list of ignored users
/unfriend      Remove player from friend list
/unignore      Remove user from ignore list

Graphical Commands
/camdist       "/camdist 30" would zoom your perspective backward 30 feet
/camdistadjust   Adjusts the camera distance relative to the current camera distance.
/camreset   Camreset is bound to the PageDown key, resets cam behind player.
/disable2d   Disables 2d sprite drawing
/fullscreen   Sets video mode to full screen
/maximize      Maximizes window
/showfps      Displays current frame rate
/whiteparticles   White particles
/window      Color changes the window colors
/window_hide    Forces the given window to be hidden. (Synonym: hide)
/window_resetall   Resets all window locations, sizes, and visibility to their defaults.
/window_show   Forces the given window to be shown. (Synonym: show)
/window_toggle   Show a window if hidden, hide a window if shown.
/windowcolor   Changes the window colors

General Commands
/afk      Away from Keyboard
/alttray      Toggle the secondary tray while a key is being pressed
/alttraysticky     Toggle the secondary tray
/b      Send a message to broadcast
/beginchat    Starts chat-entry mode with given string
/bind      Binds a key to a command bind
/bind_load   Reads a list of key binds from c:/keybinds.txt
/bind_load_file   Reads a list of key binds from a file
/bind      Save saves all key binds to c:/keybinds.txt
/broadcast   Send a message to broadcast
/buffs      Toggle looking for group status
/bug      Report a bug
/cc      Costume change.

00 = 1st costume. Standard Costume
01 = 2nd costume. Level 20
02 = 3rd costume. Level 30
03 = 4th costume. Level 40
/chat       Toggles the chat window
/copychat_b   Copy the last x lines from the bottom chat window to clipboard
/copychat_t    Copy the last x lines from the top chat window into the clipboard
/findmember   Display list of players looking for a team
/follow      Set follow mode, 1 = follow selected target, 0 = stop following
/hide      Forces the given window to be hidden. (Synonym: window_hide)
/kiosk      Pop up the kiosk info for the nearest kiosk.
/loc       Returns your current xyz coordinates
/loot      Brings up interact menu
/macro      Sends a macro to the first empty slot
/macroslot   Add macro to provided slot
/map      Toggles the map window
/menu      Toggles the Menu
/mouse_look   Command key for mouse look
/mousepitchmode   Set pitch mode
/nav      Toggles the navigation window
/netgraph      Displays network connection information
/noreport      Do not default to error reporting window on crash
/petition      Add user petition to database
/popmenu      Pops up the named menu at the current mouse location
/powers      Toggles the power inventory
/quit      Quits game
/release      Respawn if player is dead
/requestexitmissionLeave mission map once completed
/screenshot   Save a .tga format screen shot
/screenshotui   Save a .tga format screen shot with the UI (text windows).
/slashchat   Starts chat-entry mode w/ a slash
/startchat   Starts chat-entry mode
/stuck      Try to get a player unstuck
/target      Toggles the target window
/target_enemy_far   Targets farthest enemy
/target_enemy_near   Targets closest enemy
/target_friend_far   Targets farthest friend
/target_friend_nearTargets nearest friend
/toggle      Show a window if hidden, hide a window if shown.
/toggle_enemy   Cycles through targetable enemies
/toggle_enemy_prevCycles through targetable enemies (in reverse)
/trade      Invites player to trade
/trade_accept   Accepts trade request
/trade_decline   Declines trade request
/trade_decline   Declines trade request
/tray      Toggles the tray window
/unselect      Unselects currently selected thing
/whoall      Print who is in your current zone

Inspirations/Enhancements Commands
/inspexec_name   Activate an inspiration by name
/inspexec_slot   Activate an inspiration slot in the first row
/inspexec_tray   Activate an inspiration slot in the given row and column
/inspirationslot   Activate an inspiration slot
/manage      Go to enhancement management screen

Power Execution Commands
/powerexec_abort   Cancels the auto-attack power and the queued power
/powerexec_altslot   Executes the given power slot from the alternate tray
/powerexec_auto   Sets the auto-attack power to given named power (or none to stop)
/powerexec_name   Executes a power with the given name
/powerexec_slot   Executes the given power slot from the current tray
/powerexec_unqueue   Cancels the queued power
/powexec_tray   Executes a power in the given tray and slot.

Replaceable Values
$target      Displays the targeted value.
$archetype   Displays the targeted archetype. 
$origin      Displays the targeted origin. 
$name      Displays the targeted name. 
$level      Displays the targeted level. 
$battlecry   Your character's battle cry will be used

Side Kicking
/sidekick or /sk   Invite player to be your sidekick
/sidekick_accept   Accepts sidekick invitation
/sidekick_decline   Declines sidekick invitation
/unsidekick or    No longer a mentor/sidekick

Super Group Commands
/demote      Demote super group member one rank
/namecaptainRenames the captain super group rank
/nameleader   Renames the leader super group rank
/namemember   Renames the member super group rank
/promote       Promote super group member one rank
/sg      Send a message to super group channel
/sg_accept   Accepts invitation to super group
/sg_decline   Declines invitation to super group
/sgcreate      Start a super group
/sgi or /sginvitev Invite player to join super group
/sgk      Kick player from super group
/sgkick      Kick player from super group
/sgleave      Leave your current super group
/sgsetcostume   Sets super group costume parameters
/sgsetmotd   Sets the super group MOTD
/sgsetmotto   Sets super group motto
/sgstats      Display super group info in chat window
/supergroup   Send a message to your super group channel

Team Commands
/i or /invite   Invites player to join a team
/k or /kick   Kicks a player from team
/leaveteam   Leave your current team 
/team      Sends a message to team channel
/team_accept   Accept team invitation
/team_decline   Decline team invitation
/team_kick_internalKicks player without warning
/team_quit_internalQuits team without warning
/team_select   Select team member
/team_task   Give the user the specified souvenir clue

Tray Commands
/goto_tray   Go to specified tray number
/next_tray   Go to next tray
/next_tray_alt   Go to next secondary tray
/prev_tray   Go to previous tray
/prev_tray_alt   Go to previous secondary tray
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Re: CoV: Slash Commands
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