Author Topic: [Release] Vietcong2 Demo H47cH Radar Hack v1.0  (Read 735 times)

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[Release] Vietcong2 Demo H47cH Radar Hack v1.0
« on: October 04, 2005, 05:49:25 pm »
Hi guys,
Here's the public release of my H47cH Radar Hack in its first public version.
Now you'll see anyone around you on your radar. This means that Vietnam mode must be off.
HRadBa v20013 proof, of course
Hereunder the FirstReadme.txt included in rar file.



|| H47cH Radar Hack v1.0 ||

For VC2 Demo

This is no way for hacking, I'm not responsible, this is for educationnal purposes, blablabla etc... always the same shit

Feel free to report any bugs (Built on Win2KSP4, so should have no compatibility problems with XP versions).

Release Notes:

v1.0 - public release
- Radar hack is fully working.

v0.9 beta - private
- somewhere bugged :(

=== Howto Install ==========
Just extract the H47cH Radar Hack.exe anywhere you want, run it, and ingame, alt+tab and press button.
I haven't made hotkeys because of HotkeysHook.dll which is detected as a keylogger by many antiviruses, though it is very helpful.
Let me know if you wanna have a version with hotkeys.

=== Is it HB Proof ? =======
YES IT IS, as long as it stays in version 20013. After, I cannot guarantee anything.

=== Wanna drink a beer ? ======
Yes, sure.

Have fun.


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[Release] Vietcong2 Demo H47cH Radar Hack v1.0
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2005, 07:18:25 pm »
Wow! Nice Release M8!
Im gonna try it now!