Author Topic: Cheat is not always accepted  (Read 250 times)

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Cheat is not always accepted
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2005, 06:27:03 pm »
Its a fake video, if you read the forums.

Trust me LAN's anit like that, maybe if it was a Quake or UnrealT LAN that might of happened IRL. But with team LANs like Counter-Strike theres just admin guys walking about and if your cheating they just write it down on a clipboard and then inform the team at the end of the game (which is then auto-forfited).

Tbh you can even see just by looking at the vid that its so fake - They say 'I think we've got a cheater' and then the one guy has is hands on the table, then like two seconds later he picks up the case. Isnt that a little odd? I dont know about his computer, but mine has at least 12 wires that would need to be taken out (Some unscrewed, yes the screws can be done by hand but it would take 5 seconds for each of them, then theres other wires to be taken out).

But no, this guy picks up the case and not one wire is hanging off, lol sooo fake.

ALSO is says his computer was 'L337 $2000' AHAHAHAHAH, as if you could even fit $2000 worth of equpment into that small form factor case, you would need at least an ATX to fit good PCI motherboard.

I was even considering making a remix for the video pointing out all the faked bits, but after all I dont need too, because at the end of the day its sooo