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Have troubles finding a cracked game sever when you want to play?

Start your own LAN via Internet and lack of keys/Online accounts need never bother you ever again.  8)


cracked? Please dont laugh :oops:


--- Quote from: [TKC]Snake ---cracked? Please dont laugh :oops:
--- End quote ---

I thought we went thru this befor.

A crackED server is one that is using a SERVER "crack" patch that does not connect to a mainfraim that checks if you have an account or valid/banned cd-keys.

However many people can not get online to start off with (keys only work local or they have been banned/blacklisted/stolen) yet they have no problem playing on LAN.

The program listed allows people who can't locate a online game run on a cracked server when they want useing the whole internet as a giant LAN.  8)

It also makes a very nice secure P2P system out of the whole idea as well!



this is really quite a cool toy.
me and a few buddies download a few CD-key-to-play-online games like AVP2 and mess about on the (virtual) LAN every night


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