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cov: Power leveling you friends
« on: December 14, 2005, 09:47:05 am »
[the strat]
The highest level char makes a team and selects his paper mission. Preferably a defeat or obtain item mission, although kidnapping missions can be done (more on missions below). When a mission is obtained every party member travels to the mission entrance. Then the leader disbands the group and enters the mission alone. The leader then skips through the levels to find the end objective while everyone waits outside. When the objective is spotted the leader invites everyone that is still outside the mission door.

When all team members are inside the mission they stay at the door, they don't move from there. They shouldn't draw agro if they do they should go outside and comeback when the mob resets. When everyone is inside the leader starts the fight while everyone else twiddles their thumbs, XP and infamy is awarded for every mob killed by the leader and when he finishes a big heap of completion XP and infamy is also given

Defeat missions: Defeats are simple, the leader skips through the mission till the leader finds the target then he kills him and every mob that is in the neighborhood of him usually this means mobs in the same room as the target, but in the narrow office maps I found I had to kill a mob on the level above the leaders room sometimes.

Obtain item missions: Basically they work the same as defeat missions, the leader skips through the mission till he finds the item he clicks it and then defeat all the mobs in the neighborhood of the item till mission XP is awarded.

Kidnapping missions: Kidnappings can be done same as defeat or find item missions although they take a bit longer, the leader skips through the mission and when he finds the target. Only kill the mobs guarding the kidnapping target, when their dead click on the target and run, keep running and head to the exit (Note you cannot be stealth ed to talk to the target or after you take it with you, if you do stealth it stops following you) don't fight any other mobs and avoid aggro, its impossible to avoid agro running through the level but don't worry you can outrun the mobs on normal sprint and hope you have enough break free's and heal inspirations. When the leader gets the target to the entrance and the mission completes everyone quickly exit cause some of the mobs the leader aggro'd are just around the corner.

[General notes]
I advise you to have a primary damage class doing the fighting like a brute, stalker or a dominator

A Stealth power is very much preferred for agro avoidance skipping through the level, it can be done without but you need to be very careful, I know that sentence just screams stalker but my dark armor brute (cloak of darkness ftw) manages quite nicely, I think dominators also get a stealth but I don't know which one.

The player doing the power leveling should be a minimum of 3 levels higher then the other player(s) If your all the same level your better off doing the mission together because the XP difference will be nearly 0

The XP is a sliding scale so if your a level 15 villain present during a level 30 villian mission your XP will be capped for example at 1500 XP and infamy where a different player level 25 on that same mission would get 3000XP and infamy. But for a level 15 1500XP should still be about double to what you receive if you did a paper mission solo and at your level and it should be alot of XP towards a next level (max XP i ever got was 10000 on a level 35 mission when i was lvl31 and my normal mission XP was 3000)

XP requirements go up as you level up so dont be surprised if you still need to do alot of power leveling to get from for example level 34 to 35 where you could get level 24 to 28 in the same amount of time.

Mission difficulty also effects the maximum XP if you raise the mission difficulty for the leader it also raises the XP cap for everyone present in the mission, but be carefull doing this because if the leader dies the mobs "may" come looking for you imagine a lvl 30 boss coming for your lvl 18 corrupter :D LOL

Infamy is also inflated on the missions, it got me so much that I could afford to buy all single origin enhancements at lvl 33 without having to sell back enhancements with a respec, If your in a super group consider doing this with supergroup mode till about lvl 30 because infamy will start to drop dramatically after 30 if your in supergroup mode.

It works best if your lower level players at least have a travel power to get around the higher level area's (nerva, stmartial) or someone in the group has teleport friend, but agro range on lower level players in nerva or stmartial is huge and they die quickly.

The broker missions can't skipped through so don't accept them. Just go to the broker and "Just say NO" when required by the paper and continue doing missions.

To make it easier on the leader to invite every team member every time he finds the objective you make a macro like this: "/macro [3 letter name] $$invite [player]$$invite [player]$$invite [player]" Note there are no spaces after the player name and you directly type the $$ this replaces the / since you can only use it once in the command.
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Re: cov: Power leveling you friends
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2014, 09:00:23 pm »
Good tip


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Re: cov: Power leveling you friends
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2014, 04:06:06 am »
helped alot ty