Author Topic: WOW useless exploits for fun  (Read 669 times)

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WOW useless exploits for fun
« on: August 16, 2005, 11:53:15 am »
Here are a few exploits in the game that i discovered...

Exploit 1: Control windrider/griffin
To control your windrider or griffin the first thing you should do is make sure you're in a major city on a flight tower near the flying master guy. Next thing to do is press alt+escape to minimize the game. Run some program that takes up a lot of memory and then reoped WoW. At this point WoW shuld be lagging like a bitch. Right click on the flightmaster and then choose where you want to go... DO NOT CLICK ON DESTINATION YET. stand on the edge of the flight tower so you are about to fall off. however make sure you do not fall off... yet. click on your destination to fly to on the flight path map. in the short pause, which is lengthened because of the lag, between the click and u actually mounting the griffin or windrider, jump off the flight tower. you should mount in mid air, and be able to control the mount. Note: only works approximately once out of every ten times, sometimes you will not be able to control the mount but the windrider will be invisable.

Exploit 2: Hover in mid air

This one is fairly simple. If youre hearthing to an inn and the bar is on the bottom of the screen press spacebar the last second to jump and whn you get to the in you should be hovering in mid air. Note: you can only do this once every hour, if you try to do it while using the auto-unstuck option it will not work.

Exploit 3: Die when you're already dead

This exploit damages your armor so be prepared to spend g on repairs before using. go to the ocean. when you get there, start swimming towards the maelstrom (spinny thing in middle of ocean) eventually you will get a fatigue bar. once the fatigue bar rus out you should either lose health until you die, or just die right away (either way you die). when you are transported to graveyard, try to swim out to where your body is. you will ntice that youre ghost also gets a fatigue bar. once this runs out, your ghost will die. this will keep happening and you cannot retrieve your body so you will have to be Rezzed by a spirit healer
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