Author Topic: jedi academy - how to be invisible and server site cheats  (Read 4197 times)

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jedi academy - how to be invisible and server site cheats
« on: January 04, 2004, 05:31:45 am »
by [TKC]Punk.bLaN*

Here is a cheat on how to get completly invisible...this cheat was listed on a site but didn't work although I found a way to make it work. This might have been posted where on a cheat server spawn a rancor then while he grabs you put on protection and once he eats you kill him from the inside...HOWEVER this will NOT work protection won't help any and you will die. BUT here is how you do make it work. Spawn a rancor, then challenge someone to a duel and when they accept go get eaten because the rancor can't hurt you while dueling, then tell the person to break the duel off(by walking away) and kill the rancor from the inside, once it's dead you can walk around freely and you are invisible to everyone but you can still get hurt so use god mode or just be careful


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jedi academy - how to be invisible and server site cheats
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2004, 05:34:12 am »
this should also work on a server which is running the "jka + mod"
with this mod admins can spawn vehicles and npcs without that cheats are activated
all you have to do is getting an admin to spawn you a rancor :grandpa


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jedi academy - how to be invisible and server site cheats
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2004, 05:40:34 am »
to active cheats on a server write in the console:

/devmap *map (if you are the server)
/rcon devmap *map (if the server is somewhere else)

the new official bonus maps:



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jedi academy - how to be invisible and server site cheats
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2004, 05:43:18 am »
not all of this cheats work, some are for sp and some doesnt even exist...

posted by Voodoo:


god - God mode
undying - Dead mode
noclip - No clipping mode
notarget - Enemies ignore you
give all - All weapons and health/armor at max
give health - Health at 100%
give armor - Armor at 100%
give ammo - Ammo at 100%
give inventory - Maximum inventory
give <item name> - Spawn indicated item
npc kill all - Kill all non-player characters
npc spawn <npc name> - Spawn indicated NPC (see the list below)
npc spawn vehicle <vehicle name> - Spawn indicated NPC vehicle (see the list below)
d_npc freeze 1 - Freeze all NPCs (place 0 instead of 1 to unfreeze them)
sabercolor <1-2> <color 1> <color 2> - Set saber color
setsaberall <1-10> - Set all lightsaber abilities
setsaberthrow <1-3> - Set lightsaber throw level
setsaberoffense <1-3> - Set lightsaber offense level
setsaberdefense <1-3> - Set lightsaber defense level
setforceall <1-4> - Set all forces to indicated value
setforcejump <1-3> - Set Force Jump level
setforceheal <1-3> - Set Force Heal level
setforcepush <1-3> - Set Force Push level
setforcepull <1-3> - Set Force Pull level
setforcespeed <1-3> - Set Force Speed level
setforcegrip <1-3> - Set Force Grip level
setforcelightning <1-3> - Set Force Lightning level
saber single_<1-9> - Single lightsaber with desired hilt
saber single_<1-9> single_<1-9> - Dual lightsabers with desired hilt
saber dual_<1-5> - Double lightsaber with desired hilt
saber sith_sword - Sith sword
g_spskill <number> - Change difficulty level after quicksave/quickload or starting a new mission
shaderlist - Show shaders
force_heal - Use Force Heal
thereisnosthingy - Bullet time
timescale <number> - Change speed (1 is default, .5 is half speed)
g_saberrealisticcombat <1-20> - Enable dismemberment
g_dismemberment 100
playermodel <model name> - Play as indicated model
fly_xwing - Fly an X-Wing
drive_atst - Ride an ATST
devmap <map name> - Load map with cheats enabled
map pit - Pit level
victory - Level skip
record <filename> - Record a demo with indicated name
stoprecord - Stop demo recording
demo <filename> - Play a recorded demo
g_saberrealisticcombat <1-20> - Enable dismemberment (turn it on at the options menu after enabling this code)
freeze <#> - Freeze game for # seconds
taunt - Perform a taunt
echo <text> - Display indicated message in the console (or on main screen if bound)
toggle <variable> - Toggle any variable/command that uses a 1 or 0
levelshot - Turn off HUD and save screenshot
screenshot - Save screenshot
centerview - Centers the view on the screen
kill - Suicide
quit - Quit game
where - ?
spawn - ?
altbind - ?
altbindlist - ?
systeminfo - ?
gfxinfo - ?
playsong - ?
widgetcom - ?
inventory - ?
vstr - ?
heartbeat - ?
kick - ?
tiki - ?
rcon - ?
flushlips - ?
meminfo - ?
reset - ?
alisdump - ?
skinlist - ?
mand - ?

NPCs List
Use one of the following entries with the npc spawn code. NOTE: Some models may not work as they are not finished and/or used in this version of the game or on certain maps. Also be aware that there are also variations of some character models using modifiers such as cultist_saber "_strong", "_throw", etc.
assassin_droid, bartender, bespincop, bespincop2, cultist, cultist_destroyer (this character will suck in all surrounding force energy and self-destruct), cultist_drain, cultist_grip, cultist_lightning , cultist_saber, cultist_saber2, cultist_saber_throw2, cultist_saber_med2, cultist_saber_med_throw2, cultist_saber_stong2, cultist_saber_strong_throw2, cultist_saber_all2, cultist_saber_all_throw2, cultistcommando, elder, elder2, galak_mech, glider, gonk, gran, gran2, granboxer, granshooter, hazardtrooper, hazardtrooperconcussion, hazardtrooperofficer, human_merc_bow, human_merc, human_merc_rep, human_merc_flc, human_merc_cnc, human_merc, human_merc_key, impcommander, imperial, impofficer, impworker, interrogator, jawa, jawa_armed (will cause an error; no jawa gun), jedi, jedif, jedi2, jedimaster, jeditrainer, jedi_random (will spawn one of the following jedi_ models), jedi_hf1, jedi_hf2, jedi_hm1, jedi_hm2, jedi_kdm1, jedi_kdm2, jedi_rm1, jedi_rm2, jedi_tf1, jedi_tf2, jedi_zf1, jedi_zf2, mark1, mark2, merchant, minemonster, mouse, nulldriver, player, prisoner, prisoner2, probe, protocol (C3PO), protocol_imp, r2d2, r2d2_imp, r5d2_npc, r5d2_imp, rebel, rebel2, reborn, rebornacrobat, rebornboss, rebornchiss, rebornfencer, rebornforceuser, rebornrodian, reborntrandoshan, rebornweequay, reborn_dual, reborn_dual2, reborn_new, reborn_new2, reborn_staff, reborn_staff2, DKothos, VKothos, RebornMaster, RebornMasterDual, RebornMasterStaff, remote, rockettrooper, rockettrooper2, RocketTrooper2Officer, RocketTrooper_ver1, rocks, rodian, Rodian2, saber_droid, saber_droid_training, saboteur, saboteurcommando, saboteurpistol, saboteursniper, sand_creature, sand_creature_fast, seeker, sentry, snowtrooper, stcommander, stofficer, stofficeralt, stormpilot, stormtrooper, StormTrooper2, swamptrooper, SwampTrooper2, Tavion, tavion_new, Tavion_scepter, Tavion_sith_sword, test, trandoshan (different colors possible), tusken, tuskensniper, ugnaught, Ugnaught2, weequay, Weequay2, Weequay3, Weequay4 (different colors possible), ragnos, luke , kyle, kyle_boss, rosh_penin, rosh_penin_noforce, rosh_dark, rosh, rancor , rancor_mutant, wampa , jedi_random , howler, shadowtrooper , ShadowTrooper2, stormtrooper, alora , alora_dual , jan, lando, boba_fett , chewie, desann , galak, lannik_racto, rax, noghri, reelo, monmothma, morgankatarn, prisoner, rebel

You can use any npc spawn name with the playermodel code to turn into any specific NPC. However, using any non-humanoid models such as robots may crash the game sometimes.

Vehicle names
Use one of the following entries with the npc spawn vehicle code:

swoop, atst_vehicle, lambdashuttle, rancor_vehicle, swoop, swoop_cin, swoop_mp, swoop_mp2, swoop_red, tauntaun, template, tie-bomber, tie-bomber2, wampa_vehicle, wildtauntaun, x-wing, yt-1300, z-95


Changing saber colors
When using the sabercolor <1-2> <color 1> <color 2> code, the following values can be used for <color 1> and <color 2>.
green, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange

sabercolor 1 will make the right-hand saber (for dual sabers) <color 1>. sabercolor 2 will make the left hand saber (for dual sabers) <color 1>. sabercolor 1 <color 1> <color 2> will make the top part of the saber staff <color 1> and the bottom part <color 2>. For example, to have a saber staff (two handed saber) green, use the sabercolor 1 green green code.

Difficulty settings
Use one of the following entries with the g_spskill <number> code:

0 - Padawan
1 - Jedi
2 - Jedi Knight
3 - Jedi Master
Values higher than 3 will progressively increase the difficulty setting.

Haunting glitch
When you are about to get eaten by a Rancor, use level 3 Force Protection power. Note: You must have full health. You will be inside the Rancor. Kill it to get free. At first, it appears as if you are in spectator mode, but you are not. You and no one else can see your character, even if they have level 3 Sense. You can still attack people and ride vehicles.

Access all saber types at any stage in the game
In the early stages of the game you only have the choice of one single saber. If you want to use the dual sabers or saber staff do the following:

1. Go to the "GameData\Base" folder
2. Open "jaconfig.cfg" in wordpad (wordpad sorts out the encoding making it easier to read)
3. Go to the line which starts ' seta g_saber_type "single" '
4. Replace that line and the next 4 lines with the following:

If you want 1 single saber:

seta g_saber_type single
seta g_saber single_1-7 // change this color to what ever you want e.g. blue, green

If you want 2 single sabers:

seta g_saber_dual 2 // 2 Red Sabers
seta g_saber single_1-7 single_1-7 // change this color to what ever you want e.g. blue, green

If you want the dual bladed saber staff (think Darth Maul):

seta g_saber dual_1-7 // change this color to what ever you want e.g. blue, green,

5. From the main menu press [Shift]+[~] to access the console.
6. Type: map yavin1b (See the note at the bottom)
7. And your off...

NOTE: Do not start a new game otherwise the file is overwritten. This is the first level that you actually play and this skips the overwrite when you select the saber. If you have not chosen your character settings yet do this first, start the game and then exit. Perform the actions above and when you start your player settings will be there, enjoy! There is obviously a setting to change the saber hilts however I cannot find it. If someone has or does find it please tell me! Matthew Kingshott (Kingers)


Key binding
Open up the console by pressing [Shift]+[~] and type bind <key> <code or effect>. For example, type bind Home setforceall 4 or bind T taunt. Note: Do not bind over existing keys that you are using for regular game play movement or fighting. If you do, go back into your game options and reset them.

Fighting friendly characters
Enable the playerteam enemy code in the console, then spawn kyle or jedi_random to fight them.

Defeating Reborns
Activate Force Speed (works best with grade 3 speed) and slash once at their front to lure them down. Then, run around behind them and slash their back as many times as possible. This works best if you push them in a corner and complete the procedure.

And here is the Bloodpatch copy this to gamedate/base to enabel cheats for Dismemberment.