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All Forum Rules
« on: January 03, 2004, 11:33:08 pm »
TKC Forum Rules of the 01-MAY-04.

TKC Disclaimer

1. Use common sense.

2. NON-Toleration list:

a. Posting of anything that violates any applicable state, local, or federal laws - Illegal activities including software piracy, information theft, posting of any viruses or trojan horse programs.
Permanent BAN.

b. Unauthorized advertising.
Permanent BAN.

c. Flaming and offensive behaviour.
Moderator intervention. Time BAN allowed.

3. TKC never sends trainers/programs/scripts etc. via email, check the download section or the appropriate forum section for all tested finished public software.

4. TKC never asks you for your password by PM or by email.

5. If you want a cheat made ask in the cheat requests section.

6. The TKC Staff takes no responsibility for anything caused by any piece software and/or hardware you use.

7. The TKC Staff takes no responsibility for what you write, think or do.

8. Avoid file sharing solutions (they are temporary and are not user-friendly)
other than the ones offered here, like the Downloads Section. If you want a download approved you may have to PM an admin.

X. All rules are subject to change at any time.

Remember that IPs are saved and that they can be identified.

All posts on this board are user generated and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff.

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