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The Creed of TKC
« on: February 01, 2004, 08:33:49 pm »
-- -- ----------------------The Creed of TKC--------------------------

Mission Statement

We at TKC are members of a gaming community dedicated to the advancement of online cheating, teamkilling, and other forms of unconventional gameplay; better known as "Heckling". Our primary goal is to develop and teach methods of prolonging the gaming experience through these means. TKC also aims to publicly legitimize all styles of heckling; that despite arguments of cynicism, this method of play can be quite enjoyable and worthwhile for a significant and ever increasing number of players.

Gaming Philosophy

Games, above all else must be fun for the player. ?Player? referencing the individual who is playing the game, not the gaming community as a whole. When a game has lost its entertainment value, there ceases to be a purpose to play. Players have the right to due whatever is necessary to perpetuate or resurrect enjoyment in a game for as long as desired, and this right need not be sacrificed for the enjoyment of fellow players.

Cheating Philosophy

As with real life, there are many different types of people present in online gaming, with many different tastes. Some are content with a game as it was intended for play by the developers, while others are not. We do not agree with the notion that if one is not satisfied with a game the way it was developed, that a player should look for another game to play. When a game does not meet one?s expectations, or has lost its former appeal, the use of game modification techniques is encouraged to create a better gameplay experience for the player. This same belief applies to unintended coding vulnerabilities as well.

Player vs. Community Philosophy

As mentioned above, an individual player's right to enjoy a game is absolute in our eyes and does not need to be compromised for the enjoyment of others. This belief extends from two facts. One, players do not know personally the people with whom they play with; they are complete strangers meeting online for entertainment. And two, no matter what a player does to others during a match and no matter how they react; at the end of the day it?s still only a game. The belief that one must ?show respect? to their fellow players is not shared in this community. Respect is something that must be earned through time, not automatically given to strangers in an online game.