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New "Warned" Rank In Effect
« on: July 26, 2005, 11:10:02 am »
The New ?Warned? Rank:

TKC has implemented a new rank in the forums as a disciplinary measure in addition to the ones already present. For those who have gone a little too far or have ignored a friendly reminder to behave; but at the same time haven?t done anything serious enough to warrant a suspension or banning, the ?warned? rank will be their reward. The new rank is mainly so the staff knows who to keep an eye on, and to assist in determining what future suspensions/bannings may be warranted.

If you receive the warned rank it is probably because you broke one or more of the forum rules (repeatedly in most cases). The most common offenses are making off topic posts outside of the RIB board, instigating flame wars, ignoring what staff tells you to do, and similar offenses. In which case you would be wise to choose your words more carefully from then on. There is no set time limit for the warned rank at the moment; when the staff decides the offender has ?learned his lesson? and is behaving, then the rank will be removed shortly thereafter.

Do not give someone a hard time just because they have a "Warned" rank on them. If anyone harasses someone on the basis of their warned rank and thinks they'll get away with it due to circumstances, they'll shortly be joining the club. At this time getting a warned rank will not prevent someone from posting in any of the forums, although we may temporarily restrict that person?s access to a forum(s) if they keep getting themselves into trouble there.

If you receive a warned rank, you should also receive a pm explaining why at the same time or shortly thereafter. If you do not, feel free to ask one of the admins as to why you received the warned rank and we?ll explain to you how you messed up and what to do about it. If you have any questions on this new rank, please either pm myself or another admin.

- Heckler