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Rules For Access To Developer Sections
« on: June 22, 2005, 08:06:10 am »
Greetings TKC'ers,

In order to improve security within TKC and to give more clarity as to the policies of allowing others into sensitive areas of the forums, new rules are in the process of being implemented. The guidelines below will over time become the format for TKC allowing developer access to individuals. For the moment the admins/mods may modify these guidelines to the situation as they see fit. We?ve decided to do it this way so that it does not cause undue confusion and chaos among the current developers. Once these guidelines become ironclad rules (No ETA at this time), they will apply to everyone, unless for some reason the TKC staff chose to make an exception.

When that time comes, please do not ask for an exception, as you will probably not get one and will instead flag yourself as a potential infiltrator. If the admins would like you to join the dev section and you have not yet applied, we will approach you. In order to gain access to the dev section(s) of the forums the following prerequisites and rules need to be met/held. Again, for the moment the TKC staff may modify certain parts of these guidelines as they see fit, on a case by case basis.  

Guidelines/Rules for Developer?s Access:

1. You need to have at least some working knowledge of programming relative to the dev room you wish to gain access to. Preferably, you have already made at least one hack, or have some other game-related contribution that is your own work to present to TKC prior to requesting access to the section. You?ll need to be able to prove it is your own work, either because there are no others like it in existence, or you somehow digitally sign your work (preferably both). If you attempt to pass off others? work as your own, you will likely never gain access to any dev section. If you are new to hacking games, but have experience with programming; or are familiar with how to hack games, but haven?t done so yet that shows the admins you can learn quickly, you may be allowed access to the dev room. This will be determined by a case by case basis, and you can apply by submitting your work to the moderator of that specific forum.

2. You are not affiliated with any anti-cheat group or organization. If it comes to light that you are and did not inform us beforehand you will at a minimum have your dev access revoked and receive a temporary ban. A permanent ban may be issued as well. If you wish to be or are already an infiltrator against a community that is hostile towards TKC, that is another matter you may discuss with the admins.

3. You must stay active in the dev section by making MEANINGFUL posts. That means, updating other devs on your progress with your latest hack, helping brain storm new ideas, making an FAQ on how to hack that game, etc. Useless posts such as ?Hey, I?m still here?, ?Do you guys know where I can d/l [???] cheat at?? or just constantly talking about what you plan on doing, when you never actually get around to doing it. If you are a dev, then you are the heart of TKC, and therefore you are expected to have worth while things to contribute, share with the community, and stay involved.

4. What happens in the dev room, stays in the dev room?you are not to talk about cheat development outside of the appropriate section, take snapshots of the forums, give others access to your account, or any other action that may compromise the security of the section. If you are found leaking information outside of TKC, or assisting someone in doing so, you will be permanently banned.

5. When submitting a hack, please take the time to thoroughly test to make sure there are no bugs. If you truly lack the time or desire to do so, then others will test it for you?but to save people from getting frustrated, we ask that you bug proof your cheats/hacks whenever possible.

6. If you are undertaking a large or time consuming project, we ask that you keep us informed as to it?s progress. If possible, send the development group leader file copies, screens saves, and/or any other relevant data, so he knows you?re making progress. And if he decides it helpful, can post your progress in the appropriate dev section.

7. You will only have access to the dev sections for the games you are developing for. You will not automatically gain access to all dev sections by becoming a dev. Do not ask for access to other dev sections until you have met the prerequisites for each.

8. You are welcomed to submit preexisting cheats/hacks for games to TKC that are not your own work. Although it is always appreciated to contribute preexisting cheats, they will not grant you access to the dev rooms on their own. This also applies to game exploits as well. Be sure to give credit to the individual(s) who originally designed the cheat, exploit, etc. so we may approach them for permission to host it on TKC if necessary.

TKC staff may make changes to these rules in the future; make sure to keep yourself informed. We?ll make an announcement when these guidelines become law, until then just use the rule of common sense.

- TKC Staff

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21-JUN-05 New Rules For Access To Developer Sections
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2005, 12:38:23 am »
I should also add that a min. of 1 post is needed if you want to join any section.
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