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Red Dawn fix
« on: June 11, 2005, 02:51:40 am »
A cut-n-past from the Pterodon forums.......

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 Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 3:40 am    Post subject: Red Dawn custom map fix w/o Hradba.  

This expansion is very glitchy when using it with Alpha and Cong, but contains some very cool maps. Has some big problems and some little ones?This fix is for the little one. Using custom maps and Red Dawn maps together without having your custom maps screwed up. For those of you who like red dawn here?s a temporary fix for custom maps W/O USING HRADBA: This is for people who also have Fist Alpha if you don't you should buy it. Very good game and expansions around ten bucks in US dollars! CHEAP CHEAP .

1 ) Install red dawn as you normally would after downloading it.
2 ) Open up your Vietcong folder. IE (C:Program files/ Vietcong/)
3 ) In the Vietcong folder you opened open the folder called addons.
4 ) There should be two folders there one would be Fista Alpha and other would be Red Dawn.
5 ) Open up the Red Dawn folder and locate the file called reddawn.cbf.
6 ) Copy it then go back to your Vietcong Folder.
7 ) Locate the folder called maps and open it. (The map folder will show up once you have downloaded Pterodons other maps IE Three canyons, Indian country. Download them! They're free and official! )
8 ) Now paste the reddawn.cbf you copied earlier.
9 ) Once you finish pasting your done! Run Fist Alpha and voila ; ). Your custom map problem is fixed!

READ THIS ABOUT HRADBA. Ok this fix is for the custom map problem that Red Dawn has. IE: One server has custom maps and Red Dawn maps at the same time and you can?t hear each other on voice, don?t see vc, weapons errors, etc. You will be able to play them both without receiving weapon error messages, and communicate with voice and all that good stuff. However you can?t join servers with Hradba enabled. Hradba is the biggest problem of Red Dawn and unfortunately the creators consider it a stand alone add-on and therefore will not be fixed since the team can focus on Vietcong 2. Bad problem eh? Anyway whenever you want to or need to join a server with the anti cheat enabled run the original Vietcong shortcut and that one will load up the Fist Alpha menu! Pretty neat, although no more of the original start up menu. What I suggest about cheaters? Well go old school on their arses and ban them from the server. It'll be like the original days when Hradba wasn't even around. Now if this set up is giving you problems you can always revert back to the original setting by deleting the reddawn.cbf you copied in the maps folder.


Okay there's one consequence when you paste red dawns cbf folder in maps. When you run Fist Alpha you'll get the Red Dawn start up screen and Red Dawn music. If your madly in love with the Fist Alpha theme well I say: I can't help you there...sorry . But what you can do is run the original Vietcong shortcut and Voila. ; ).

Now people have asked me why not paste Fist Alpha's cbf files into maps and run it from Red Dawn? That's a good question . The thing is Red Dawn has a bad configuration that ruins custom maps. Not good if you use custom maps a lot. IE You can't use voice on a lot of custom maps when using the Red Dawn shortcut to startup your game, which is bad especially on coop games. (Which is the reason I messed around with the folders cause I play lots of Team Re-spawn coops, and Hradba isn?t that much of a concern to me then .)

Hradba is very annoying sometimes, but at other times helpful especially on speed hacks and other cheating critters. Post something if you have fix?would be cool to get it working. This custom map fix is useful if you really want to use all the maps in your arsenal especially when hosting a game, and it's much easier then changing the game using the custom option (which has been known to crash often.) Well that?s it! Happy fraggin! Post if you got any questions.

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