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Saterday 1-17-04
« on: January 18, 2004, 03:43:42 pm »
Copied off the {BW} Clan board.....

Well I was in the first two maps of the game which was on a high speed paid game server in the middle of the USA and made open to everyone by our good friend and co-player HK.

The map end rule was set at 10 flags...and it was NO easy thing to do as all of the best players in Vietcong had a part to play in it.

My own pings hung around 70.

The first in map rotation was made by TKC-UPLINK aka on the Gathering of Developers board as ACCESSED...also known as 100% Snipper of the 100% Clan.

It was named SNIPPERS HEAVEN and was a mod of the first SP map in Vietcong and held up to 64+ players.

UPLINK/ACCESSED work has been hailed by the PMT (Pterodon Modding Team) as this is a map that all others have failed to convert to the MP role without crashing.

It even has chickens and ducks running around in it!

Our own {BW} Dude was in the first map both with and against members of many clans as well as about 3-4 of the moderators on the TKC board.

Let me say this here and now....{BW} Dude is a killer.
Do NOT cross this man whatever you do.
Take your children off the streets and bring your pets indoors!

Now the 2nd map in rotation was the popular THREE CANYONS.

This is one map that I myself really like.
It is a perfect mix of forrest and open area along with the "urban" right-angle touch which is so popular with many players of other online FPS due to rock and canyon formations.

Altho after 5 1/4 hours of game play in order to finnish the first two maps I did not play in the was the new Pterodon betta.

Many players had to eat supper or those in the UA had to sleep but these are the MP Report Files for the 2nd game.

(Note: I was Dad)
Maps set to 10 points.

After 2 hours we went from SNIPPERS HEAVEN to THREE CANYONS.

After playing for 5 1/4 hours the 2nd game ended.

The last 20 mins of the game alot of people left to eat supper...or get more beer.

(I was Dad.)

Vietcong results

Map: ThreeCanyonsCTF
Map end rule: 10 point(s)
Date: 2004-01-17
Time: 17:15:18

US Army points: 10

Stormraider pnts: 1 kills: 38 dths: 21
Schwarzenberg pnts: 0 kills: 36 dths: 11
SNIPER FOU pnts: 0 kills: 24 dths: 19
Dad pnts: 0 kills: 21 dths: 3
MainPush pnts: 0 kills: 16 dths: 7
[FEAR]-[Mighty Hawk]pnts: 0 kills: 14 dths: 9
Fanyn CZ pnts: 0 kills: 14 dths: 18
SanSOLO pnts: 0 kills: 8 dths: 12
Re pnts: 0 kills: 7 dths: 5
Turd Ferguson pnts: 0 kills: 4 dths: 10
Sgt_Mo pnts: 0 kills: 2 dths: 6
Meuch pnts: 0 kills: 0 dths: 0
{VnB}Beast pnts: 0 kills: 0 dths: 1
Skaryback pnts: 0 kills: 0 dths: 1

Vietcong points: 0

{S&D}Morbid pnts: 0 kills: 29 dths: 26
Irondog pnts: 0 kills: 8 dths: 6
6john6doe6 pnts: 0 kills: 8 dths: 7
<[DEL]>RECCE.NL pnts: 0 kills: 2 dths: 2
C-DeeZ-NutZ pnts: 0 kills: 2 dths: 9
sgt. rock pnts: 0 kills: 1 dths: 7
Quick 2 back down. pnts: 0 kills: 0 dths: 0

Looking forward to many such games...


(Got beer? :D )

*While we crash and burn, small, low tech, agrarian societies such as the Hmong in the mountains of Laos will continue on without so much as blinking an eye.*