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10-MAY-05 Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) Article Details
« on: May 11, 2005, 08:48:55 am »
I wanted to clairfy for those individuals looking to catch a glimpse of TKC in EGM, exactly where to look. The article is located in June 05' issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (Issue 192) on page 56. The article is entitled "Sons of the Glitch", with TKC being specifically mentioned under the section "Glitching for a fight". Just to make sure you get the correct issue (I intitally ended up buying last month's issue by mistake) the cover art is for the upcoming Zelda game later this year.


Incase you don't feel like picking up an issue, here is a copy of the article in EGM

"Glitchin' for a fight"

"Turns out cheating is common ground for lots of gamers like Joe32. the social aspect of sharing glitches in live chat or in online forums is what keeps some cheaters going. The TeamKill and Cheat Community ( is one hardcore band of glitching gamers dedicated to developing new ways to mess with the online medium. Their motivation ranges from a flat-out "just wanting to annoy" to a more altruistic "prolonging the game experience," but--just as in any social club--their communcal attitude is fueled by a common interest: cheating."