Author Topic: 22-MAR-05 Changes to Forum Layout  (Read 489 times)

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22-MAR-05 Changes to Forum Layout
« on: March 22, 2005, 11:55:12 pm »
Changes made to TKC Forums:

- Added a new section, "MMORPG's" for players of World of Warcraft, Everquest I & II, and Jedi Academy

- Deleted Jedi Academy's own section, all topics moved to the mini section for the game under MMORPG's

- Deleted Foregin Ministry section, topics deleted (only 1)

The "extra, extra" section hasn't yet been deleted. This section is being allowed to stay for the moment as an example to our detractors that this sort of attack will not be tolerated.


The "Junkyard" section just got the axe as well...topics have been moved to RIB