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Looking for work...want to join?
« on: January 15, 2004, 04:03:19 am »
Want to Join?

TKC is always looking for new members to join us in our goal of prolonging the game experience. There is no bigotry in TKC. Whether it be race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, handicap, or anything else, we won?t exclude or condemn you in our community. Our only prerequisites for joining are loyalty and an open mind. Contributing is not necessary to visit TKC or download our cheats, but we encourage you to do so anyway.

Greater membership in TKC will attract more talent to join our ranks and thus provide more cheats (and other benefits) to the community and its members. On that topic, there are several ways you can assist TKC obtain its goals and help us grow. You may even want to consider applying for a staff position at TKC in order to be part of the community and progress your talents. Below is a list of positions that are commonly needed at TKC.

Cheat Developer ? The first and foremost important position at TKC. As a cheating community, we are always in need of talent by those versed in game modification techniques. Prior experience is preferred, but members of TKC will help train you or at least point you in the right direction if you are new. Most likely you will start out as an apprentice of sorts until your skills are honed and your abilities proven. If you are very knowledgeable in this area however, you may be advanced to a staff position right away.

Web Page Designer ? TKC primarily communicates to the rest of the gaming community through its website. Therefore the more attractive and feature filled it becomes, the better it can serve its members and the faster it will grow. A person with a strong background in web design may find being on the TKC staff as a rewarding experience. For a candidate too be seriously considered for this position they should at least be familiar with HTML and one other web programming language and/or program. Such as FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Java, JavaScript, etc.

Artist ? To help advertise our community, attractive artwork is needed for banners, signatures, and other such visual effects. Prior experience is required for a staff position. A candidate should have a strong background with (and have reliable access to) major graphic applications, such as Photoshop, Quark, and other such programs.

Server Admin ? As hecklers, it is difficult for us to meet in online games to test cheats, discover exploits, and trade general knowledge (as we often get kicked/banned). Those who have a fast Internet connection can help by hosting servers for TKC. A minimum of a broadband connection (Cable or DSL) is required, but a dedicated game server (rented or privately owned) with a T1/T3 or OC12 connection is highly preferred. This would greatly help TKC?s goal of having their game servers running consistently, 24/7 if possible. Server Admins will also be responsible for testing new cheats, helping schedule clan matches, testing new maps, assigning assistant admins, and other such duties.

Scout ? A scout will have two similar, yet distinct functions.

1. Your primary function as a scout will be to visit numerous gaming news sites and relaying important information back to the admins. Especially events that will have an effect on TKC?s gameplay style. Scouts need to be diligent in their attempts to uncover news from all sorts of different places, and to measure the accuracy of such material. They must also have a mastery of the English language, and be able to write clearly and in detail.

2. The TKC gameplay style is one that is growing in popularity amongst many gamers. But there are many players out there who share our gameplay style, yet do not know such communities exist. Your second (albeit, just as important) job as a scout will be to activity search and locate players from other communities who would be interested in joining TKC. Likewise, there are other communities such as TKC who also share our gameplay style and desire to prolong the game experience. Locating such communities and bringing them to the attention of the admins will also be on your list of responsibilities.

Forum/Chat Moderator ? TKC is mostly a peaceful place amongst its members. Flamewars between people are seldom as most are opened minded and friendly people. However disagreements do arise, and conflicts are sometimes encountered. This is especially true when detractors post immature remarks to incite flamewars because they do not agree with our gameplay style. Moderators are responsible for defusing these situations without becoming emotionally attached. Such persons must also be fair, consistent, and timely in their duties. You must be able to clearly convey your thoughts to those you moderate and be open to constructive criticism from those who will disagree with you. Prior experience is a plus, but hardly necessary. Moderators usually are long time members who have proven themselves to be trustworthy, are knowledgeable in a particular area, and who can offer significant time to their position.

Affiliate ? Although TKC is a unique community that represents a minority of gamers, we do know that there are other communities similar to TKC out there. We enjoy discovering other heckling communities, as strength in numbers will help further the goals of hecklers everywhere; and hope many more will surface as time goes on. Communities who wish to become affiliated with TKC should contact Mullah Omar or TheHeckler! to discuss mutual advertising arrangements. TKC is also open to the possibility of banner or popup advertisements at our site for monetary compensation.

In order to become an affiliate of TKC, we do have a couple requirements however.

1. You must have some activity within your community. Many people start a forum or site that does not consist of a significant membership yet and is looking for an easy way up the ladder. Although you may mention your community in the appropriate section of our forums, your community must have a gathering of its own to be considered for an official advertisement from TKC. As advertising for newly created or defunct communities would not be at all beneficial to TKC.

2. Your community must either be pro-cheating or cheat neutral, and preferably be focused on online gaming. Rare exceptions may be made if there is a pertinent reason for TKC to do so. Our purpose is to bring the heckling community closer together, and as such is primarily interested in such communities.

Note: If you have knowledge in more than one key area, and can devote adequate time to your responsibilities you may be able to hold more than one staff position.

Becoming a staff member or affiliate however is in no way required to make contributions to TKC. Submissions to TKC are always welcome, whether they be cheats, artwork, news, or a simple hello. It will be much appreciated and you will always be given recognition for your contribution. If you have an idea on how to improve TKC, or can offer assistance in some other way, feel welcome to let us know.

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Re: Looking for work...want to join?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2014, 01:36:53 am »
We are always on the look out for new moderators!

If there is a section or a game you either want added or feel inclined to moderate, feel free to contact the staff.
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