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How did you hear about the TKC-C?

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Koopa Troopa:
I think I was the first memebr, even before wizzy! I am not sure!

wow I have mario heads !!!! and i am a spammer !!!!!!!!

thank you very much, but i didn't see them when i was writing on random, maybe i am blind.

All things about this forum is just great, I think many people will hear about it!


--- Quote from: [TKC]Vicious ---Yeah your right. 4 days before Heckler  :shock: .
Anyway, good to see you still here wizzy, one of the "founding fathers" so to speak. :)
--- End quote ---
hehe  :P

Get the Link from a m8, he wanted to bring the Communty down. But i stopped him  :twisted:  :twisted:  lol, din't but he wanted to bring it down

Ive heard many wants to do that :lol:

you really did???, pterodon  there they want to do it even links were removed :twisted:  :evil:  :evil:  didn't see it just to late,....


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