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How did you hear about the TKC-C?

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M. O.:
We are curious to know, so we get a "picture".

This will help us to improve and increase "advertising" and make the community more adapted to you as person.

So long ago I cant seem too recall, tho I think I was the first member (After mullah ofcoz)  :)

I believe you were 3rd Wizzy (You forgot Heckler) and mentioned to me that you saw Mullah in a game and he gave you the address.

Oh. And no I was the second (If u count MullaH)

Im quite sure of that. I think Heckler came right after. Oh well maybe Im wrong. Dont think so tho

Yeah your right. 4 days before Heckler  :shock: .
Anyway, good to see you still here wizzy, one of the "founding fathers" so to speak. :)


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