Author Topic: Weapons Trainers 1.00/1.01  (Read 4023 times)

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Weapons Trainers 1.00/1.01
« Reply #75 on: December 24, 2004, 04:46:46 pm »
from 1.41 (i think) you cant do inf ammo even with hradba off, you just keep dying


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Weapons Trainers 1.00/1.01
« Reply #76 on: December 25, 2004, 04:17:27 am »
Quote from: Warrior
...... it just seems like none of you guys really help anybody or know much of anything aside from Mullah and Z.

You and the rest are the young-dudes....I am just an old fu*kr with cobwebs between my ears!
The last time I really did any programming "per say" was like 1984 with ATARI BASIC when the internet was ALMOST starting and everything was still called a BBS.

(I ran a "pirate BBS" called Radio Free Venice and serverd Atari/Commy/IBM files...and emulators so you could run them all on a 64K ram Atari!)

I >do< know and try to keep contact with people ALOT more savy than myself on this subject....that is why I am a Mod here and many other places even if the name may change.

I always try my best to help as long as I do NOT have to give out info that I gave my word not to. VC the ammo was set to srv side back around 1.2...or was it 1.3?!

Hey if you play you will find that ALOT of people just love 1.01 even those who play all the time in 1.60.
Alot of the people who srv coop now often cross-patch games for CTF simply due to less lag.


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