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Honored Members
« on: January 03, 2004, 11:32:32 pm »
#Note, Players are listed according to found cheats or contribution via trainers etc to the community.
Some members however have been put in the list anyway for various reasons.

1. TheHeckler!, built up the foundations of TK and Cheat in his Manual to RtC:Wolfenstein (found in the Downloads Section). Also wrote the TKC Creed (found here in headlines), TKC FAQ, and History of TKC (also in Downloads Section).

2. tintin who first realized how to extract the cbf files.

3. Rison, for finding the God-Mode Registry hack, which was the first "breaktrough" cheat.

4. Hackmaster 2003, who focused on the skins and made a list of them.

5. Me, Mullah Omar =), for starting the community and making ammotrainers as well as other apps.

6. Z for keeping TKC with ammotrainers and good pieces of advice.

7. Uplink for contributing the 3dAnalyzer so the wallhack and putting the first bit to the puzzle in the server autoboot and ping increase issue in Retail. Also for making many useful retail trainers.

8. jazznas for providing and developing the 2nd gen wallhack where u also can move and shoot through walls.

9. Vicious for finding many things of the demo out, like the M79 ping increaser.

10. ZOldDude who always contributes good pieces of advice and ideas.

11. FliedLice for contributing a CBF extractor which allows us to view and change files in the CBF format, tough parts of the extraction is encrypted.

12. Koopa Troopa for being the greatest TKer of all time.

13. Johnny for all the tips to cheats which later on could be stored in TKC's collection as speedhack.

14. All other Members for their support and cooperation.

For the community, by the community.

How to become a honored member:

- You have to either contribute a cheat like a trainer, though it has to be useful, it can't be another version of something that already exists. In other words you need a new idea.

- Or you could be very helpfull on the forums, and informative.

- You could win a contest

- Or contribute something really usefull, not connected to cheats.

Edit by TheHeckler! 26-July-05, updated some info and made a couple typo fixes.
Heckling is an art, and game hacking a science.