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TKC for OFP 1.99


Hi guys.

Sorry that I'm writing this topic to this thread, which is (in first order) not used for game stuffs, but I am really hoping someone will read this post in this thread (I give it a bigger probability :smile ).

The OFP is nowadays not so much played as it used to be, but people still play it. Because there are no official clan-wars, I really wanted to try (just for fun :smile) the TKC supercheatpack. However, most of the servers are on version 1.99 (which uses a different .exe file - ColdWarAssault.exe instead of FlashpointResistance.exe). So I wanted to ask, whether there is a version of the TKC cheatpack, that could be run under this newer version of the OFP?

Thanks in advance for the help :smile.

Small disclaimer - OFP is now officially cold Arma: Cold War Assault, because the creator of this great game - Bohemia Interactive, lost the licence for using the trademark of the name Operation Flashpoint, so they released an official patch for it - version 1.99, which changes the game files, names, and so on...

M. O.:
The supercheatpack should still work, but trainer-based cheats won?t. I have it somewhere, I?ll put up a link if I find it.

I've tried to install it by renaming the ColdWarAssault.exe file to FlashpointResistance.exe, but the installer made an error because of different versions of the game (1.99 instead of 1.96  :icon_sad2  :icon_confused2).

If there would be anyone who has the source code to be applied to the .exe file (hopefully in C++), I'd be probably able to modify the original game source code (I have it, actually) and maybe run it.. :)

EDIT: I've read over some threads and found out there was a version for the 1.99 CWA version of OFP made by userpc. If anyone does have it, I'd be really grateful to patch it through :)

M. O.:
Link to SCP is up for 30 days in another thread.


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