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Old School "I remember back in the day....


I remember back in the day....

That cracked games and key generators had into intro files to enjoy
Those who made those files @ that time are programmers Cream of the Cream in the filed.

These are some of the the people I first met when "The Internet" first came online long ago.

So I start a thread dedicated to those crack/Keygen Intro files with a relative new one:

CNCD & Fairlight - Numb Res

The first keygen I 'remember' ( not making of course as that is illegal ..  :smile ) was for an old programme on the amiga called med ( later renamed to octomed it was a music tracker with 8 channels which was pretty good to say that the amiga only had 4 hardware voices/channels which was quite an accomplishment back in the days of .. 1989 )

It ( not I .. :smile ) genned a name of KarstenObarski which I thought was rather poinient as he first invented/programmed/created the tracker named 'sound tracker' and med was a blatent rip off of all his hard work.

so hence the name : KarstenObarski as the registration..

holy shit what a history.

Hey Jazz...are you still going to school or did you fly back home?

The Scene Is Dead - Razor1911 | 64k Revision 2012

Best Of Demoscene 2018

Collection of  89 intro/demo files.  :icon_thumbsup


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