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Hey Medic,
« on: February 21, 2016, 08:03:13 pm »
You got fucked by some assholes here?
I know you will return, Hmmm...I know...
Why so serious? Smile! We both know the magic of that fucking TIME!
What have you lost?Ah-huh? What do you have now? Nothing? Whoa-hahahahahha! Nonsense! It's a great friendly environment for you here!
Whatever! Just remember me, and many people outside here, have experienced numerous these bad days!

Finally, my steam ID:JazzIvan. Hope we rogues hunt down those Divisions across NYC in March!

(Hey any of his friend tries to show him this plz! :icon_thumbsup)
I had ghosted around Chinese M & B community outragously for a long time since 2015...I had done server bombs,  second-gen TW/Fiana dual access servers and translated/sold hacks to Chinese players... now I'm doing AOE 3 hacks as well as exploits.