Author Topic: Arma 2 + oa Bypass 2 by mrmedic and gerk  (Read 345 times)

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Arma 2 + oa Bypass 2 by mrmedic and gerk
« on: January 04, 2016, 11:55:47 pm »
Arma 2 + oa Bypass 2 by mrmedic and gerk;sa=view;down=237

Unrar anywhere but do not put the exe in the game folder.

Place the folder XXXXXX1 in the same folder where your arma 2 or arma 2 oa exe is.

run MrMedicv1.0_p2.exe

Hack will expire in 1 month from date of posting


edit METICNS.sqf to run your hack.

all credits MrMedic for exe credits mrmedic & gerk for method.

dedicatedserverinterface.sqf is what this uses if your interested it over writes it in the game memory. this is a public bypass method developed by me and gerk

plenty of tutorials on the site at tkc.

ro run load up the bypass , start the game , then when in any server arma 2 or oa go into server settings and hack will run the scripts.
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