Author Topic: TKC asked to help NATO for fall Cup  (Read 585 times)

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TKC asked to help NATO for fall Cup
« on: November 11, 2004, 09:14:48 am »
Well  N2DEEP @ NATO has asked TKC ZOldDude to give aid again in reviewing any contested ladder replays that the NATO D.C. has problems with in it's Fall Cup.

Cheating in open public servers is still wide open....however fair play withen ladder Cup contest on NATO is now again under review by TKC upon request.

TKC does NOT supply codes/ ONLY reviews for it's friends in honest ladder computition.

Also note that AUS Dave of GSA may also request such service as he sees fit as per our talks.

TKC makes the cheats for the public....but we will also review any demo from a ladder to help see that a FAIR contest is just that.


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