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PMT Information
« on: January 09, 2004, 09:00:09 pm »
"PMT team leader
The Pterodon Modding Team (PMT) has chosen their project leader, which will be responsible to organize the PMT. We have asked him to tell us something about himself:

"Hi my name is Chris Tsamados I am from England. I have recently graduated as a media student and I am now working as an Editor / Transmission Controller in London. I have been a big fan of Vietcong since it was first released and would like to help others create interesting and fun mods for the game."

We hope Chris and the whole PMT community will have success in bringing more content to Vietcong. You can find more information about the PMT here or visit the PMT forum."

Lool, Pterodon is starting to become desperate, now they put their last cards up.
What will this Chris Tsamados bring up? This whole PMT thing will be a flaw. Chris Tsamados is being exploited by simple corporate-methods.
Pterodon wants total control of the mods (meant to be made by the public). It is meant to quell people who want to bring up their own ideas, and attract they who haven't decided what they should do.
They need C programmers to do something real however. Skilled C programmers go their own way, they do not follow any cheap tricks.
Heckling is an art, and game hacking a science.