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CDK Bartering Program.
« on: November 01, 2015, 07:24:39 am »
Hey man:

Worring about banned by those damn admins when u are enjoying the fantastic TK celebration? Absolutely we need more keys to freak them about. As u know, I'm in China, and all my keys are used in China. So, American, European or wherever TKC guys, lets exchange our keys to release our full potentials! PM me--or each other, and get a bunch of fresh weapons! To guarantee our effiecency I'd like to exchange 1:1. Remember guys, community enhances us and always brings us more FUN!
I had ghosted around Chinese M & B community outragously for a long time since 2015...I had done server bombs,  second-gen TW/Fiana dual access servers and translated/sold hacks to Chinese players... now I'm doing AOE 3 hacks as well as exploits.