Author Topic: M&B Bi-Access server programming  (Read 261 times)

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M&B Bi-Access server programming
« on: October 16, 2015, 01:39:12 pm »
M&B Bi-Access server programming;sa=view;down=429

This is a Bi-Access server dedicated hack programming that enables both Taleworlds and Fianna players can directly search and join in on server list.

You may use it as a normal server dedicated and replace those orignial ones. No side effect. Steam Avaliable.


1.Prepare an original server dedicated from Taleworlds. Copy all to that folder and replace.(not neccesary for Register, in fact).

2.Revise the config in those bats you need. I provide you an example for Battle mod.

3.Run Register firstly every time before. Click "注册正版服"(register on official server list), and choose the ports of your game(选择端口). Yes, there are only 5 avaliable ports, since most people don't choose to host over 5 rooms in one single server.

4.Run your server as normal then.

1.All mods avaliable. But you have to deal with the bats in same way.
2.Steam port doesn't matter.
3.The key you use in these servers depend on your launcher. But whatever, the server can recognize.

I had ghosted around Chinese M & B community outragously for a long time since 2015...I had done server bombs,  second-gen TW/Fiana dual access servers and translated/sold hacks to Chinese players... now I'm doing AOE 3 hacks as well as exploits.